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  • May 05 / 2017
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Granite Garage Floors- Professionally Installed Epoxy Coating Systems

It takes more abuse than any other area of your house except for the roof, and it gets little TLC. Yet, it’s the first thing you see when you arrive home. It’s your garage, most notably, your garage floor. Chemicals, salt, sludge and automotive goop take their toll on the concrete, and over time, damage mounts. To protect their investment, thousands of homeowners through the country have turned to the professionals at Granite Garage Floors for help.

“The system we offer at Granite Garage Floors helps homeowners protect and beautify their garages with a product that’s easy to clean, easy to maintain and looks fantastic,” says the company founder Alan Mishkoff. “We provide solutions for areas people may not have solutions for, such as garages, basements, screened in porches and more. The challenge we have is that people look at this as a cosmetic enhancement, but the unseen benefit is the protection the product provides for concrete. It seals and protects it, allowing the home to survive longer.”

Granite Garage Floors employs a propriety epoxy coating system that Looks and Lasts Like Granite and our team of professionals focus on preparation and the use of industrial grade products. Both are critical to a long-lasting system that’s durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Customers can choose from hundreds of designer color finishes that look like granite, quartz, terrazzo or marble. Granite Garage Floors stands behind its professionally installed system with a lifetime satisfaction warranty.

“Our coating system goes on the top of existing substrates and protects it while providing texture and aesthetic value. There’s also a safety factor; it’s not slick like regular concrete,” noted Mishkoff. “It’s cosmetic with the added benefit of protection that prevents the concrete from deteriorating.”

“Sixty to seventy percent of our time is spent on prepping your concrete floors to ensure the application process goes smoothly. We diamond grind the entire floor, which etches the surface so the epoxy adheres to it. We don’t use harmful chemicals,” outlined Mishkoff. “Then we identify the imperfections, addressing any cracks or deterioration with an epoxy patch prior to coating. The most important part of this process is diamond grinding the concrete back to a porous state so the epoxy can wick in and bond with the concrete. This ensures a long lasting protective coating.”

The process begins with grinding, patching and applying an industrial primer and base coat of epoxy followed by polymer flakes that protects and provides the decorative look in the Granite Garage Floors system. It’s left to set up overnight, but the exothermic reaction starts about an hour after crews leave. The next morning the residual flakes that didn’t adhere to the epoxy are scrapped off and then high-powered vacuums remove any residue. The final step is the application of a polyaspartic urethane topcoat, which is a technical install because of how quickly the product dries after it is activated and is best left only to professionals. You can typically walk on your new Granite Garage Floor a few hours after the crew is finished and move all your contents back into the garage the following day with full return to service with vehicles after seven days. This gradual process allows the product to seep in and bond with the substrate, delivering a tough, durable floor.

“It’s very difficult to damage the surface of a Granite Garage Floor. In fact, it has a lifetime satisfaction warranty,” commented Mishkoff. “We’re able to do that because we put so much energy and effort into prepping the surface to allow for an extremely durable coating.”

Not only is it durable and beautiful, it’s cost effective. Depending on the project, Granite Garage Floors start at about five to six dollars a square foot which equates to roughly $1200-$1500 per vehicle that fits in the garage. Mishkoff estimates it’s about half the price of carpeting, a third of tile and a fraction of the cost to replace your entire garage floor should it deteriorate.

With all of the benefits, doesn’t it make sense to have a Granite Garage Floor protecting the concrete in your garage or basement? You’ll get a great product, backed by a lifetime satisfaction warranty, and installed by a well-respected national franchise company. “We want to be as easy to work with as possible, and we stand by our product and our process. We try to be old fashioned in doing the right things from a business standpoint. At Granite Garage Floors, we want to bring a beautiful look to your concrete floors and protect them as well. For us, it’s about making an exterior area of your home look and feel like an interior area.”

Visit the website at GraniteGarageFloors.com and inquire at one of our locations in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Fort Lauderdale, Raleigh-Durham and Richmond.

  • Jan 17 / 2017
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GGF Tips from the Pros

Does Your Garage Floor Need a Makeover?

YOUR GARAGE IS CALLING….and it is tired of its dingy appearance and how it has been neglected over the years! As a space that represents up to 20% of your home’s total size, the garage is often overlooked as a home improvement candidate. Yet, the garage is used by homeowners nearly every day and often serves as the primary entry point for visitors entering the home. For this reason, many discriminating homeowners are looking for solutions to “Upgrade their Garage”.

With home values continuing to appreciate, many homeowners are looking for other areas of their home to improve that will be a solid investment. One area of the home that continues to gain popularity is improving the garage space and more specifically – the garage flooring. Most people are only aware of the concrete paints, stains and water-based epoxy kits that are typically available at local paint stores or home improvement centers. These products are typically water based products that cannot handle the abuse that a professionally installed, industrial Epoxy Coating System will provide.

At Granite Garage Floors, we believe that if today’s homeowners were aware of an alternative to the normal deteriorated concrete, oil-stained surface, or peeling paint – that they would jump on the opportunity to upgrade their garage floor surface. “If you think about it, there isn’t another surface inside or outside of the house that takes the abuse of a garage floor. From the constant weight of cars and hot tires, to road dirt, grime, snow and road salt, the garage floor takes a beating”, says Alan Mishkoff, the Founder of Granite Garage Floors.

The rigors of winter are especially damaging to unprotected concrete. Winter sand and salt damage over a short period will deteriorate unprotected garage floors and reflect poorly on the remainder of a home. Granite Garage Floors epoxy coating system can be installed all winter long with the same impeccable quality of the warmer months. Homeowners typically think that cold weather will hinder a quality installation, but quite the opposite is true. A quality Granite Garage Floor installation is only limited by concrete temperatures below freezing and it takes sustained, frigid weather to reach that level. Cooler ambient temperatures allow our professional installers more working time so winter months are some of the best times of the year to have a Granite Garage Floor installed.

Choosing the appropriate means to install an industrial-quality, garage flooring system is crucial to the floor’s longevity, durability, and aesthetics. Do-It-Yourself epoxy kits of the past have now made way to industrial-quality, epoxy-based flooring systems that provide a durable, long-lasting, and cosmetically appealing coating alternative to the peeling and deterioration of the past. The unique aspect of Granite Garage Floors professionally installed approach is that we specifically focus on the preparation of the garage floor using an industrial diamond grinding process to remove all previous coatings and stains to achieve a porous and mechanically clean floor which maximizes the adhesion & wicking of the coating system to the concrete. Floor preparation is paramount as we guarantee against peeling, which is the number one failure that most people experience when attempting to have a coating applied to their garage floor. After extensive prep, our proprietary system utilizes commercial grade coatings and we then add decorative polymer flakes and a Polyaspartic, protective top coat to provide a product that Looks and Lasts Like Granite”.

Once completed, the new flooring system installed in a Garage will provide the homeowner with an “interior feel” in an area that has traditionally been treated like an exterior space. The durability of a Granite Garage Floor should last a customer decades, while also protecting the concrete. Once one of the most neglected areas in many homes, the garage can now serve as a beautiful entrance that a home owner will promote when welcoming visitors while increasing the value and perception of the entire home.