Cleaning & Maintenance For Epoxy Coating Systems

Cleaning & Maintenance For Epoxy Coating Systems

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One of the many benefits of a professionally installed industrial quality epoxy coating system is its ability to be easily cleaned. You have already made the decision in upgrading your garage floor, but the biggest ongoing question is how do I clean and maintain my garage floor to protect my investment?

The key to protecting your investment and ensuring that your floor looks great over the years is to keep it clean just like any other flooring surface in your home. Removing dirt and debris with a blower, wiping up spills, and occasionally mopping with hot water and pH-neutral cleanser will go a long way toward protecting the finish over the long-term.

Routine Maintenance

Monthly maintenance should include keeping the floor clean by using an electric blower or sweeping with a soft bristle broom to remove any loose debris or organic material.

Spot Cleaning

Minor spills should be wiped up using a cloth towel with some pH-neutral* cleanser. This method should easily handle various chemical spills such as gas, oil, and everyday "life happens" spills. Some stains that appear could require using a soft brush with some elbow grease. Do not use abrasive cleaning chemicals on the coating.

More aggressive cleaning maybe be required as a result of harsh chemical residue left from more toxic substances left on the floor for extended periods of time and may require using a solvent-based cleaner such as Denatured Alcohol, Xylene, or Acetone. When using solvent-based cleansers, always test on an inconspicuous spot of your floor first and use very sparingly as it may dull the finish depending on the type of epoxy used installing your garage floor.

General Cleaning

It is recommended that after every season you should conduct a general thorough cleaning of your professionally installed epoxy coated garage floor.

Step 1

Remove the contents on the garage floor. Then using an electric blower or broom, sweep out all dirt and organic material that your tires bring into the garage.

Step 2

Take a hose with a pressure nozzle and completely wet the floor. Use a floor squeegee to move the dirty water off of the garage floor and on to the driveway.

Step 3

Fill a bucket up with water (hot if possible) and mop the floor with water rinsing frequently to remove as much dirt as possible.

Step 4

Fill up another clean bucket of water (hot if possible), add two or three capfuls of a pH Neutral* cleanser, and thoroughly mop the floor two times rinsing frequently. A stiff bristle broom or brush with a handle might be necessary for stubborn dirt stains.

*There are many pH-Neutral cleaners on the market that are readily available by looking at the contents on the label. Do not use cleaners that contain acids or that are soap-based. These may leave a residue on that diminishes the floor's luster while making the floor increasingly slippery if wet.

Step 5

Let garage floor dry and return contents and repeat at the end of each season.

By following these general cleaning and maintenance tips it should help you to protect your investment and keeping your epoxy coating system looking like new for many years!

At Granite Garage Floors we professionally install an epoxy coating system that Looks and Lasts Like Granite. Our floors are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee ensuring your floor will not peel up from hot tires. We provide our customers with a lifetime supply of our GGF pH-Neutral Cleanser.

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September 28, 2015

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