Preparation Critical For Durable Epoxy Coating

Preparation Critical For Durable Epoxy Coating

The preparation of a concrete garage floor is critical prior to applying an epoxy coating system to ensure that the epoxy will create a strong and durable bond that will not peel or lift from hot tires.

While there are a few different methods for preparing a concrete garage floor for any epoxy coating system, one of the most efficient and proven techniques is utilizing an industrial diamond grinder to prepare the surface.

This method removes oil stains, existing coatings, and allows the concrete to become clean and porous. Once the grinding is complete, the removal of all dust that is created is vital so the epoxy can wick down into the concrete and create a strong chemical bond.

Once the diamond grinding and vacuuming of the surface has been cleaned, it is important to repair all cracks and imperfections, such as concrete divots or spalling concrete, as to get the garage floor as uniform as possible prior to applying the coating.

At Granite Garage Floors, we prepare all floors using the method above and because our “Granite Finish” builds to 30 mils in thickness when installed, it will virtually eliminate all noticeable imperfections in the garage floor.

Once installed, our garage floors will Look and Last Like Granite and will be extremely durable, chemical resistant, and easy to clean. Most importantly, the epoxy system is guaranteed for life not to peel up from hot tires.


Preparation Critical For Durable Epoxy Coating        Preparation Critical For Durable Epoxy Coating