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Our Process & Finish Quality Is Our #1 Priority

At Granite Garage Floors our epoxy coating system focuses heavily on surface preparation and using best-in-class materials. Both are extremely important for a quality installation that is guaranteed against peeling or hot-tire pick-up, which is the most common failure for epoxy garage floors.


At GGF the preparation of the garage floor is critical to ensure maximum adhesion of the epoxy. First, we grind your floor utilizing a walk behind diamond floor grinder that is attached to an industrial vacuum, which keeps dust and debris to a minimum. (View More Garage Floor Surface Preparation) The machine removes any unwanted stains or previously applied coatings resulting in a concrete floor that is clean and porous. This step ensures that the epoxy can properly adhere to the floor for a strong long lasting mechanical bond. Once the grinding is complete; we vacuum any remaining dust, and then fill all hairline cracks and divots using an industrial-grade epoxy patch. If any major cracks or spalling exits in the concrete the options to repair them can be discussed during the inspection part of the estimate. This part of the process can take up to several hours and is a critically important step!

Diamond Grinding Ensures
Floor is Clean and PorousDiamond Grinding Ensures Floor is Clean and Porous
Industrial Vacuum Contains & Removes DustIndustrial Vacuum Contains & Removes Dust
Epoxy Patch Fills Cracks and ImperfectionsEpoxy Patch Fills Cracks and Imperfections


We use industrial quality epoxy that is low VOC and LEED compliant and manufactured in the United States from several leading polymer suppliers. This is industrial grade best-in-class product that does not come in cans from the local paint or home improvement stores. We mix the epoxy on site using a formula based on your garage size that has proven to provide maximum durability and build. The product is then poured onto the concrete floor and applied evenly using a squeegee, which forces the epoxy into the open pores of the concrete. The product is further distributed using a rolling and back rolling method for maximum adhesion and has self-leveling properties to ensure a uniform finish is achieved.
(View More Primer & Base Coat Application)

Industrial Epoxy Mixed on Site
Low VOC & LEED CompliantIndustrial Epoxy Mixed on Site Low VOC & LEED Compliant
“Cutting In”
protects baseboardsCutting In - protects baseboards
Squeegee Primer Coat then Back Roll Self-Leveling Base CoatSqueegee Primer Coat then Back Roll Self-Leveling Base Coat


The decorative polymer chips – chosen by you from our selection of designer color finishes are then broadcasted into the wet epoxy and chemically bond together which ultimately provides the look of Granite, Quartz, or Terrazzo. (View More Decorative Chip Distribution) Our signature Granite & Quartz finishes include a 100% surface broadcast of chips, applied at a maximum rate of 25 pounds per 100 sqft. This provides a solid build to the floor and hides all cracks or imperfections. We have over 25 in-stock colors available to complement the color palette of the interior or exterior of your home or we can custom blend you a finish to your liking. Our Terrazzo finish includes a light broadcast of chips, and provides a durable clean looking garage floor. This finish is what most people normally think a painted or coated epoxy garage floors would look like but holds the same GGF guarantee and warranty against hot-tire pickup.

Decorative chips are applied
at rate 25lbs per 100sqft.Decorative chips are applied at rate 25lbs per 100sqft.
Chips are Broadcasted to RejectionChips are Broadcasted to Rejection
Hides Imperfections & Provides Slip ResistanceHides Imperfections & Provides Slip Resistancen


The final step in the process is designed to seal the decorative chips into place and provide an extremely durable protective clear coat that has an “orange peel” texture with anti-slip properties when complete.
(View More Protective Clear Coat Application) We achieve this finish by reclaiming the excess chips, lightly scraping the floor, and then applying the protective clear coat using a proven mixing formula (based on square footage) along with an installation technique that has provided consistent results over the years. We use both UVR Epoxy and UVS Polyaspartic clear coats depending on your specific chemical resistant and UV protection needs.

Floor is Scraped for Anti-Slip CharacteristicsFloor is Scraped for Anti-Slip Characteristics

Clear Coat is Squeegeed down for maximum penetrationClear Coat is Squeegeed down for maximum penetration
Clear Coat is Back Rolled to Achieve Orange Peel Texture.Clear Coat is Back Rolled to Achieve Orange Peel Texture.


Our process can take up to a day or two to install, which allows for a quick return to service for your garage. Upon completion, it will be extremely durable, chemical resistant, and easy to keep clean. Typically within 24 hours, your garage floor is open to light foot traffic and replacement of your contents. It is highly recommended that epoxy garage floors coating systems are completely cured prior to vehicular traffic, which can take up to 7 days depending on the type of protective clear coat applied and the environmental conditions. Once completed you will have a garage floor that “Looks and Lasts like Granite” extending the finish of your home into your garage.

Extremely Durable, No Hot Tire Pick-Up or Peeling GuaranteedExtremely Durable, No Hot Tire Pick-Up or Peeling Guaranteed
Very Chemical Resistant- No StainingVery Chemical Resistant- No Staining
Easy to Clean- Sweep/Blow
Mop with Ph Neutral CleanserEasy to Clean- Sweep/Blow Mop with Ph Neutral Cleanser