Garage Floor Coating in Raleigh: Common Misconceptions

Garage Floor Coating in Raleigh: Common Misconceptions

With our superior garage floor coating, Granite Garage Floors® Raleigh-Durham is ready to turn your once dirty and foul-smelling garage into a clean, beautiful, and useful space. There are so many wonderful advantages to upgrading with one of our epoxy/polyaspartic floor coating systems, and we'd like to clear up several of the most common misconceptions about epoxy surfaces.

Many people think of their garage as a dirty and unpleasant place that is meant to stay that way. However, no matter what you plan on using your garage for, there's no reason it shouldn't be visually appealing and easy to clean. With our surfaces, you get a non-porous floor that won't stain or crack. This allows you to easily clean up any spills by simply wiping them away.

Another common myth is that epoxy flooring takes a lot of time to install and requires work to maintain. We are proud to offer an efficient preparation and installation process that takes just two days. Thanks to our vast experience installing these surfaces, we produce exceptional quality in a very short time. Plus, our floors are built to provide easy cleaning and maintenance, so you won't have to endure any expensive repairs.

The most important information to clarify, is the false notion that epoxy flooring does not last. Our floor coating systems are built with superior quality, forming a bond with the underlying concrete slab. This creates a strong surface that lasts for the long haul. To further emphasize how strong and high quality our surfaces are, we proudly include a Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty on every garage floor.

About Our Professional Garage Floor Coating in Raleigh

Our experts are ready to provide your home with a beautiful and useful garage that is ready for all your busy activities. We offer:

  • The chance to fully utilize this part of your home
  • Beautiful design choices to find the right appearance
  • Complete defense from hot tire pick up
  • Resistance to stains, abrasions, and other damage
  • Guaranteed durability with our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty

Garage Floor Coating in Your Area

Thanks to years of focused work, we have perfected our process. We consistently deliver the most stable and aesthetically pleasing garage flooring in the industry, with beautiful design choices and unmatched durability. We proudly offer our service to residents throughout:

  • Raleigh
  • Durham
  • Chapel Hill
  • Cary
  • Wake Forest
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

To find out more details about our garage floor coating options, call Granite Garage Floors Raleigh-Durham today at (919) 323-3953.

September 30, 2021

Raleigh & Durham