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Epoxy Flooring in Gotha for Garages, Basements & More

There are certain areas in your home that can be hard to keep clean and tidy. Let Granite Garage Floors® Orlando transform them so they're both beautiful and easy to maintain. In fact, with our high-performance epoxy flooring systems, available to homeowners in Gotha, Orlando, and nearby areas in FL, we can take a dull, dingy space and enhance it dramatically. We also offer many colors and finishes to choose from, so the final look complements the rest of your home.

Our team is ready to get to work upgrading your home wherever you'd like epoxy, including in:

  • Basements. Basements are notoriously dark and dank. Many have problems with moisture and mildew and that's why they're often avoided. With our epoxy flooring, though, we can install a new surface in your home in the Gotha area that is bright and beautiful. It's durable, moisture-proof, and scratch-, stain-, and crack-resistant. When you upgrade the flooring, you can then take back your basement and make it into a home office or fitness center.
  • Garages. The garage is another room that is often overlooked. At Granite Garage Floors Orlando, we can take a stained, cracked, pitted floor and make it look tidy, bright and neat. You can then re-purpose this room as an extra entertainment area, or simply make it a more pleasant place for a workshop or utility room. Meanwhile, the epoxy surface will coat and cover the concrete substrate below, protecting it from further deterioration.
  • Patios and / or pool decks. In addition to your garage and basement, we can even install epoxy on your patio or around your pool. This is an ideal surface that is easy to maintain and even slip-resistant. We can also add in extra aggregates for further skid-resistance. Upgrade your home's curb appeal and outdoor space with surfaces that Look and Last Like Granite™.

Enhance Your Home with Epoxy Flooring in Gotha!

Wherever you'd like epoxy installed in your home, let Granite Garage Floors Orlando handle the work. We can dramatically upgrade your flooring with our experienced team, proudly serving Gotha, Orlando, Longwood, and nearby areas. We strictly use high-quality, industrial-grade materials and follow a meticulous preparation process. This combines to deliver a durable and long-lasting epoxy flooring system.

If, however, you're not sure if your existing substrate is a fit for epoxy, just give us a call. We're here for you in:

Call Granite Garage Floors Orlando at (407) 494-9403 today for an on-site estimate or to learn more about our epoxy flooring in Gotha, FL.

April 06, 2023