Epoxy Flooring in Orlando: Understanding Our Process

Epoxy Flooring in Orlando: Understanding Our Process

At Granite Garage Floors® Orlando, we offer the most trusted way to upgrade your garage. Our epoxy flooring is the perfect option for Orlando, FL area homeowners who want a clean, durable surface that Looks and Lasts Like Granite™. Our top quality epoxy/polyaspartic floor coating systems are built to withstand daily vehicular traffic without picking up hot tire peel, which is a huge problem for lower quality surfaces.

About Our Epoxy Flooring Services in Orlando

Our installation process is simple and efficient. It starts with our walk-behind diamond grinder, which we use to grind up your concrete and prep the surface for the next phase. During this step, we utilize our HEPA-filtered vaccum system to quickly clear the area of the newly created dust.

When the surface has been sufficiently prepped, we apply the primer and base coat. These materials are made exclusively for Granite Garage Floors, so you can always expect the highest quality. We spread the supplies evenly across the concrete, which allows the epoxy to get into the pores and take hold.

At this point, we begin adding the decorative flakes based on your chosen preference. We offer Granite, Quartz, Stone, and Metallic options. This step is about creating the right look you want for your garage while also helping to produce a stronger and more durable floor coating system.

Finally, a protective layer of clear coat seals in the flakes and creates a chemically-resistant surface for your garage. This means that very little cleaning will be required to keep things looking good as new.

Additional benefits of our expertly crafted epoxy flooring includes:

  • A very durable surface that's ready for constant daily activity
  • Simple and easy to manage maintenance
  • A beautiful and clean entryway for your home
  • Avoidance of cracks, stains, and hot tire peel
  • Our unmatched Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty
  • And more!

Durable Epoxy Flooring for Your Orlando Home

Our trusted installation process requires just two days to complete. Once we're done, you only need to wait 24 hours before walking on your new floor. After that, it takes just 72 hours for the surface to be ready for vehicular traffic.

We recommend treating your floor with a blower every week or so to keep things clean and looking great. With such simple and quick maintenance requirements, your new surface will provide your home with the warm and inviting entryway it deserves.

We offer our expert installation services throughout:

  • Orlando
  • Windermere
  • Winter Garden
  • Gotha
  • Longwood
  • And the surrounding areas

To learn more about our epoxy flooring throughout the local area, contact Granite Garage Floors Orlando today at (407) 494-9403.

March 10, 2021