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The Best Types of Garage Flooring in Boynton Beach

If you want to use your garage as a home gym, office, or extra entertaining area, you don't want a floor stained with grease and oil. Instead, breathe new life into this unique space with garage flooring that's functional, durable, and beautiful, whether your home is in Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, or another nearby area in FL. But what should you install? Here are some options.

Epoxy Flooring: How It Can Enhance Your Garage

Epoxy is an excellent choice for garage floors for several reasons. It's made from hardeners and resins that bond with each other and the floor, providing a powerful protective coating. Durable and long-lasting, it is also resistant to water, stains, scratches, cracks, and abrasions.

While epoxy stands tough against all kinds of heavy-duty use and wear and tear, it looks beautiful too. There are many finishes to choose from, including those that look like natural stone, from granite to quartz.

You can also choose from a wide range of colors, from cool tones like blues and grays to warm, earthy hues like browns and beige. Personalize your flooring to match the rest of your home, boosting visual appeal and value in the process.

Other Flooring Options for Your Garage

Epoxy isn't the only option available in the Boynton Beach area for garage flooring. You can also choose from additional options, such as:

  • Paint. Paint comes in any color, and concrete paint is more durable than standard paint. However, it's less durable than other options.
  • Sealer. Sealant will seal the concrete so it resists future stains and wipes clean. But it won't cover up existing damage, like stains and cracks.
  • Tile. Peel-and-stick tile is simple to install and covers up the floor, so you don't see unsightly areas. At the same time, it's prone to scuffing and scratches, requiring fixes.
  • Floor mat. Rolling out a floor mat is yet another easy-to-install option. Simply cut the extra material to size it to your space. Keep in mind, though, this material can bunch and curl, leading to potential trip hazards.

Find Out More About Epoxy Garage Flooring in Boynton Beach

If you'd like a functional and resilient yet beautiful flooring option, turn to Granite Garage Floors® Fort Lauderdale. We install epoxy in garage floors throughout the Boynton Beach area, made from industrial-grade materials and proven to stand up to heavy-duty stress. Plus, our systems are skid-resistant, low maintenance, and will provide years of use that will enhance your home's value.

Transform your garage with epoxy flooring from our team, installed in:

  • Boynton Beach
  • Boca Raton
  • Delray Beach
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Miami
  • And surrounding areas

Call (561) 714-8347 today to set up a free consultation and estimate from our epoxy garage flooring specialists in Boynton Beach, FL.

January 24, 2023

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