example of industrial epoxy flooring in Panama City Beach

Why Should I Choose Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Panama City Beach?

The flooring you have in your operation can have a big impact on your business overall. That's why so many facilities from across Panama City Beach, Destin, and nearby areas in FL are increasingly installing industrial epoxy flooring. When you follow suit, some of the benefits you can enjoy include:

  • A skid-free, non-slip surface. Worker safety is a priority in every place of business. With epoxy, you can get a surface that is safer since it's non-slip, skid-resistant, and will prevent the chance of someone slipping, tripping or falling. Since it's so bright, it also gives visibility a boost inside your workplace, further improving the safety of your employees.
  • A longer-lasting, more durable surface. Epoxy is strong and stands up to all kinds of stress, from equipment and vehicles to high foot traffic, heat, pressure, impact, abrasions, and even chemical spills. It won't get damaged, crack, or stain, like polished concrete, so you don't have to worry about expensive repairs and replacements.
  • A lower maintenance, affordable choice. When it comes to epoxy, it's easy to keep clean. You won't have to invest in expensive maintenance treatments and simply need a mop and a broom to keep it clean. It also provides you with straightforward upfront costs and lower costs overall, since repairs and maintenance aren't needed.

Let Our Panama City Beach Team Help You Choose Your Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We're experts at installing epoxy flooring across all kinds of industrial settings in the local area, from warehouses and distribution centers to food processing facilities, airplane hangars, machine shops, and more. We use the highest-quality materials available and will design a custom-fit flooring solution for you.

It will be based on your substrate, durability needs, results of moisture testing, and other specifications, like thickness, texture, color, and finish. You'll get flooring that can withstand all the heavy-duty wear and tear that happens in your demanding environment and is guaranteed not to peel up from the heat or weight of vehicle tires.

Granite Garage Floors® Destin-Panama City is hard at work in a wide range of industrial settings across:

  • Panama City Beach
  • Destin
  • Santa Rosa
  • Panama City
  • Rosemary Beach
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call (850) 353-5666 today to get started with a consultation and learn more about our industrial epoxy flooring in Panama City Beach, FL.

August 15, 2022