example of commercial epoxy flooring in Panama City

Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Panama City: Common Applications

Whether you're building a new office or renovating an old one, flooring is a crucial consideration. Instead of standard choices, like concrete, laminate, or tile, consider epoxy. At Granite Garage Floors® Destin-Panama City, we've installed commercial epoxy flooring in business spaces of all kinds in the area.

We know from experience it's highly durable, resistant to stains and scratches, and easy to keep clean. It also looks great long-term without expensive maintenance costs - just another reason why so many businesses install commercial epoxy flooring, including those in:

  • The Automotive Industry: Our epoxy floors are guaranteed against hot tire pick-up, as well as chemical spills, oil, gas, abrasions, and other everyday stressors found in an automotive environment.
  • The Manufacturing Industry: For manufacturing facilities, our commercial flooring systems can withstand the weight of heavy machinery, like forklifts, along with heat, pressure, impact, moisture, spills, and more.
  • Medical Setting & Veterinary Clinics: Epoxy flooring is non-porous and seamless, making it easy to clean and sanitize. It also prevents the spread of germs and bacteria, making it ideal for medical environments.
  • Food & Beverage Environments: Our commercial flooring stands up to rigorous foot traffic and can meet the high standards required by businesses in food and beverage. It's even non-slip for added worker safety.
  • Retail Stores: Our floors are also beautiful. They come in various colors and designer finishes that look like granite, quartz, and other natural stones and are so bright they'll make your business appear larger.

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At Granite Garage Floors Destin-Panama City, we stand behind all of our commercial epoxy flooring with an impeccable record of quality and customer service. We only use best-in-class, industrial-grade materials, so you can rest assured your floors will stand strong and look beautiful for years to come. We can also design a unique flooring system based on the durability needs of your space or simply follow your architect's specifications. Whatever your situation, you can count on us for commercial epoxy flooring that delivers on quality and durability.

We proudly serve businesses across:

  • Panama City
  • Panama City Beach
  • Destin
  • Rosemary Beach
  • Santa Rosa
  • And throughout the surrounding area

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July 01, 2022