Local Contractor Strives to Provide Value & Smiles to Homeowners

Local Contractor Strives to Provide Value & Smiles to Homeowners

Alan Mishkoff always believed in his product and its value, but he underestimated how happy a new flooring system could make his clients. "It just makes me smile!" is what one Atlanta homeowner said when she saw her newly installed Granite Garage Floor for the first time. Now, this positive customer reaction is what Mishkoff aims to achieve with every industrial-quality flooring system his company installs throughout the companies nationwide locations.

The company "Upgrades" concrete floors as a durable, easy-to-clean, and beautiful alternative to bare concrete, tile, or carpeting. Mishkoff started his career in the home improvement industry with DeWALT Industrial Tools where he learned the concrete trade along with key business principles. "We do one thing and we do it well", Mishkoff says. "Being the expert in one specific category allows for a better overall customer experience and end result".

As home values continue to increase, one of the most effective ways to add additional value is protecting bare or deteriorated concrete inside the home or garage while simultaneously adding aesthetic improvements. "Our process is proven, will provide a gorgeous finish, and allows for a worry-free solution opposed to DIY flooring options or allowing your concrete to gradually deteriorate", Mishkoff says. Road grime, salt, oil, and dirt cause damage to unprotected concrete each year. Our systems can be installed year-round, Mishkoff explains. "Our professionally trained crews install our systems to the highest standards and allows for homeowners to reclaim and appreciate these spaces to show off their new investment."

With an end to stains and peeling, and a flooring system that "Looks and Lasts Like Granite," satisfied homeowners will appreciate their floors - and have good reason to smile - for years to come.

Current locations include Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Fort Lauderdale, Raleigh-Durham, and Richmond. The company continues to expand its network through its unique franchise concept with more locations planned in 2017!