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So, you've decided to take the plunge! You're deciding to give your garage floor the makeover it deserves. We're so excited to transform this drab space for you into an area of your home you actually want to spend time in. But, what finish will you choose? Our finishes are what build our company namesake and we can promise you this- you've never seen a garage floor like this before!

Granite Finishes

There's a reason our company is named Granite Garage Floors! Our Granite finish features a full broadcast, to rejection (meaning complete coverage of the base coat), of ¼" flakes which are layered in-between our industrial two-part, 100% solid epoxy base coat and our best in-class UV Stable (UVs) Polyaspartic top coat. Whether you're looking for earth tones or gray tones blends, or perhaps even a solid color, our flooring finishes are created to look and last just like a Granite countertop.

Stone Finishes

Want your floor to look like a stone patio? These new to the market finishes complement many on-trend designer accents well, as the blends are more subtle and closer together in color spectrum to one another. Available in a variety of earth and gray tones, our Stone finish features a full broadcast, to rejection, of ¼" flakes layered in-between our industrial two-part, 100% solid epoxy base coat and our best in class UVs Polyaspartic top coat, providing a more natural finish.

Quartz Finishes

With our Quartz finishes, we feature a full broadcast, to rejection, of smaller 1/8" or 1/16" flakes, which are layered in-between our industrial two-part, 100% solid epoxy base coat and our best in-class UVs Polyaspartic top coat. From earth tone, gray tones, and solid color blends, this choice is sure to stand out, resembling a Quartz countertop.

Metallic Finishes

Our Metallic finishes are available in both flake and liquid form. These blends include Metallic and Mica flakes in varying sizes to provide an understated touch of glam to the finish. This is a one of a kind flooring finish, available in a variety of light and dark shades. This flake system features a full broadcast to rejection of ¼" flakes, which are layered in-between our top and base coats, and finally finished off with our industry's best UVs Polyaspartic sealer.

Terrazzo Finishes

This style is perfect for those looking for a sleek and smooth finish for their floor. Our Terrazzo finishes have a single base coat of industrial, two-part 100% solid epoxy and is available in several solid, monochromatic colors to include earth and gray tones. Additionally, it includes an optional partial broadcast of ¼" flakes of your choice, creating the look of a Terrazzo floor in your garage.

Clear Sealers

Want to make your floor really shine? Our transparent sealer finishes offer a simple, but multi-stage approach using the latest solvent or hydro-based systems depending on where the installation in the home is. Available in crystal clear, ambered (think old-world style/rustic look), or a high gloss finish, our sealers will make your floor look polished with a robust, protective quality that difficult, messy, and expensive polished floors are unable to provide!

Which finish is perfect for your garage floor? Click HERE to see a full list of our finishes in action and contact us today to get started on your Garage Floor Makeover!