Your Trusted Experts For Epoxy Flooring in Midlothian

Your Trusted Experts For Epoxy Flooring in Midlothian

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At Granite Garage Floors® Richmond, we offer professional installation of top quality epoxy flooring for garage floors across the Midlothian area. Our experienced team can transform your cracked and blemished concrete surface into something durable and pleasant to look at. Our epoxy/polyaspartic coating systems use top quality materials built to withstand the constant traffic your garage sees on a daily basis.

With so much daily activity, your garage floor is an important element of your home. Untreated concrete floors are prone to cracks, stains, and producing dust. However, low quality epoxy floors are not much better.

By going with our experienced and professional service, you avoid some of the major problems that poor quality floors can produce. Most significantly, hot tire peeling. When you pull your car into your garage, the heat from the tires can really damage a low quality surface. The rubber can peal off and stick to the floor, creating even more hassle than the old concrete floor you started out with.

With our top quality epoxy/polyaspartic floors, you get a full 100% guarantee against this nuisance. We build our floors with the finest materials to create a surface that stays clean and strong. Our floors are abrasion-free, resistant to stains, and guaranteed to avoid all hot tire peeling. Our work is backed by a Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty, so you can count on superior quality and excellent service that meets your needs.

About Our Epoxy Flooring in Midlothian

Our guaranteed service at Granite Garage Floors Richmond includes:

  • Installation of elegant epoxy/polyaspartic coating systems that creates a clean, beautiful, and sturdy garage floor.
  • An exceptional level of quality that offers total protection against hot tire peeling.
  • Flooring options for other concrete areas around your home (excluding driveways).
  • Design flake options including: Granite, Quartz, Stone, Terrazzo, and Clear Sealers.
  • Reputable, expert service conducted by trusted professionals.

Epoxy Flooring in the Midlothian Area

Our crew is made up of local experts from the Midlothian area, so we take incredible pride in the quality of our service. As your neighbors, we strive to do an excellent job and feel good about the work we bring to the community. We offer our guaranteed flooring services in the following areas:

  • Richmond
  • Midlothian
  • Chesterfield
  • Glen Allen
  • Henrico County
  • And surrounding communities

Take action against your old, cracked concrete garage floor and call our epoxy flooring team from Midlothian at (804) 302-4164. Schedule your onsite estimate with Granite Garage Floors Richmond today.

May 04, 2020