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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Colleyville: How Durable Is It?

When you're looking for new flooring for your industrial or commercial environment, durability is likely at the top of your list. If that's the case, consider epoxy. Companies across Colleyville, Keller, and the metroplex are increasingly turning to industrial epoxy flooring for a range of benefits. The biggest? Durability. Here's a look at how epoxy stands tough.

What to Know About Epoxy Flooring Durability

Industrial epoxy flooring is made to take a beating. Whether you have a lot of heavy machinery, like forklifts, driving over floors, high foot traffic, or the potential for impacts, abrasion, or chemical spills, epoxy can stand up to it all.

It's made from a mixture of hardeners and resins that bond with each other and the floor. Not only that, but it's applied in an even and continuous coating. This means no seams or cracks and a non-porous surface with even weight distribution.

As a result, epoxy can stand up to all kinds of wear and tear. It's also moisture- and stain-proof, so the substrate floor below doesn't get damaged. It's even scratch- and peel- resistant and won't crack if you drop a heavy tool or piece of equipment on it.

In fact, epoxy can withstand 10,000 pounds per square inch (psi). That's a lot of weight and pressure and why epoxy is one of the toughest, longest-lasting flooring options available for industrial and commercial spaces in the Colleyville area. In contrast, concrete can only take around 3,000 to 5,000 psi.

On top of all that, epoxy is simple to keep clean with a mop or broom. You don't have to worry about expensive maintenance treatments or repairs and fixes. With a quick cleaning, it will look bright and beautiful, giving your company a professional image.

Call Colleyville's Choice for Industrial Epoxy Flooring

If you have an industrial environment and need floors that can stand up to heavy-duty activity, call Granite Garage Floors® Southlake-Dallas. We offer industrial businesses in the local area a wide range of epoxy flooring options to choose from. This includes solid color epoxy with or without non-slip additives, as well as novolac epoxies, metallic coatings, partial or full broadcast systems, and more.

You can also count on our team for a meticulous prep process, industrial-grade coating systems, and experience to ensure long-lasting, durable results. It's why so many companies turn to us in:

  • Colleyville
  • Keller
  • Southlake
  • Flower Mound
  • Coppell
  • Roanoke
  • Across the Metroplex

Call (817) 527-5953 to set up a free consultation and learn more about our industrial epoxy flooring in Colleyville, TX.

November 22, 2022

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