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Epoxy Flooring in Fair Oaks Ranch: Understanding Our Process

If you've decided on epoxy flooring for your home in Fair Oaks Ranch, Boerne, or another nearby community in TX, you might be wondering about the process. How is epoxy installed, and what can you expect from it all? Here's what to know about Granite Garage Floors San Antonio® and our process. Every step has been designed to ensure quality, durability, and beauty.

  • Step 1: Preparation. Proper preparation is vital. Our approach, which includes grinding the concrete using diamond floor grinders and then HEPA-filter and industrial vacuums to remove dust, ensures maximum epoxy adhesion to the concrete. We'll also remove stains and old finishes, and repair cracks, fissures, and other imperfections so your concrete floor is clean and porous.
  • Step 2: Prime and Base Coat. We use custom-blended epoxy flooring products made exclusively for our Fair Oaks Ranch-area team. They are designed using the most technologically-advanced polymer coating systems available. We mix these materials on-site and distribute them using large rollers for an even finish. We also use pre-tinted solid color epoxy that coordinates with your finish.
  • Step 3: Flake Distribution. Our team will then broadcast, by hand, flakes that bond with the wet epoxy base coat. This will mimic the appearance of granite, quartz, metallic, or another natural stone. Not only does this cover the floor and make it look beautiful, but it also hides flaws. The result is a surface that looks like a granite or quartz countertop.
  • Step 4: Protective Clear Coat. The next step involves applying a clear protective coating that provides the most durable surface, which is easy to clean and resistant to chemicals. This step also includes removing loose flakes and ensuring the finish is smooth. We use a squeegee and back-rolling method to apply the clear coat and can even add in extra anti-skid aggregates at this point.
  • Step 5: Cleaning. Our process usually takes around one to two days, and we will clean your floors before we finish up. After 24 hours, you can walk on the surface, and after 72 hours, you can place furniture or equipment on it.

Get Epoxy Flooring That Looks Like Granite in the Fair Oaks Ranch Area

At Granite Garage Floors San Antonio, we'll dramatically upgrade your floors so they Look and Last Like Granite. You can say goodbye to drab, damaged, dreary floors and replace them with epoxy that shines and stands strong. It also withstands hot tire pick-up, chemical spills, abrasions, and more - guaranteed.

Take advantage of our epoxy flooring in:

  • Fair Oaks Ranch
  • Boerne
  • Timberwood Park
  • Spring Branch
  • Shavano Park
  • Helotes
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call Granite Garage Floors San Antonio today at (210) 960-7056 for a consultation! We're known and trusted for durable, beautiful epoxy flooring in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX.

February 24, 2023

San Antonio