Your Trusted Experts For Garage Floor Epoxy in Richmond

Your Trusted Experts For Garage Floor Epoxy in Richmond

At Granite Garage Floors® Richmond, our top quality garage floor epoxy provides local homeowners with a durable, easy to clean surface for their garage. These epoxy/polyaspartic coating systems are built to withstand vehicular traffic and the constant wear and tear of daily use. They are 100% proven to avoid all hot tire peel, which is a frequent problem of lesser quality floors.

Avoiding this annoying issue is absolutely critical. When lesser quality floors peel off that hot tire residue, it creates a huge mess. This can negate the value of having a nice looking floor in the first place. With our exceptional craftsmanship, you'll get a beautiful surface that is easily maintained and never picks up hot tire peel.

We achieve a higher quality thanks to our superior materials and experienced professional crew. These experts have spent years refining their skills to create the strongest, most visually appealing garage surfaces around. We offer each client our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty as proof of our total commitment to exceptional quality standards.

About Our Garage Floor Epoxy in Richmond

At Granite Garage Floors Richmond, we provide the area's top garage flooring services. Our crew knows how to build a stronger, long-lasting surface that can handle all the constant activity of a busy garage. Since most homeowners use the garage as their main entry point to their home, it only makes sense to equip that space with a floor that's easy to keep clean. Our top quality service includes:

  • State-of-the-art epoxy/polyaspartic garage flooring that Looks & Lasts Like GraniteTM.
  • Superior floors that never pick up hot tire peel
  • A crack-proof, stain-resistant surface to replace your ugly old concrete
  • Design options: Granite, Stone, Clear, Quartz, and Terrazo Sealers
  • Detail-oriented service from informative professionals
  • A quick and efficient two day installation process

Garage Floor Epoxy in The Richmond Area

No service in the Richmond area comes close to our level of elite craftsmanship and incredible results. Our professionals have a long track record creating beautiful, long-lasting surfaces that transform local garages and require very little upkeep.

Our guaranteed service is available throughout:

  • Richmond
  • Midlothian
  • Chesterfield
  • Glen Allen
  • Henrico County
  • And the surrounding communities

For more info about our superior quality garage floor epoxy, call Granite Garage Floors Richmond today at (804) 302-4164.

November 10, 2020