Epoxy Floor Coating in Raleigh: Solving 3 Concrete Flooring Problems

Epoxy Floor Coating in Raleigh: Solving 3 Concrete Flooring Problems

With our exceptional quality epoxy floor coating, Granite Garage Floors® Raleigh-Durham will create a strong, durable, and clean surface for your garage. Our surfaces are the ideal way to upgrade the space and protect you from the headache of damaged and dirty concrete.

By installing our floor coating system in your garage, you can avoid the expense of having to replace your old concrete slab. Our epoxy will fuse with the concrete, forming a strong and reliable bond that stops the deterioration of the concrete. This will save you from some very expensive repairs, and bring stability to your garage.

Another major issue that our flooring will solve, is the difficulty of cleaning your garage floor. With bare concrete, you get dust and debris on a constant basis. This can make for very difficult cleaning, and lead to dust being tracked throughout your home. Our floors offer chemical resistance, so the mud and other mess can easily be swept away. Additionally, our surfaces are built with the quality needed to avoid hot tire peel, which is a frequent issue of DIY flooring.

The third major problem we will solve is the issue of aesthetics. A garage equipped with an old and blemished concrete surface is pretty limiting. It makes for a poor area for children to play, and it's not something you want to show off to guests. By upgrading with one of our surfaces, you can completely transform the space into a valuable addition to your residence. Our beautiful design options allow you to choose the right appearance to represent your home.

About Our Epoxy Floor Coating in Raleigh

Our experts take just two days to transform your undesirable concrete floor into something beautiful, clean, and strong. The benefits include:

  • Stability to protect against concrete damage
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning requirements
  • Beautiful design flakes to choose from
  • Friendly and communicative service
  • Our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty
  • 100% avoidance of hot tire pick up
  • Protection from cracks, stains, and blemishes
  • And more!

Top Quality Epoxy Floor Coating in Your Area

We pride ourselves on delivering communicative and friendly service to every client. Our installers will keep you informed throughout the quick two-day process and answer any questions you have along the way. We are happy to secure our work with our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty and stand behind the quality of our epoxy floors.

Our service is available to residents of:

  • Raleigh
  • Durham
  • Chapel Hill
  • Cary
  • Wake Forest
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

To further understand the benefits of our epoxy floor coating, call Granite Garage Floors Raleigh-Durham today at (919) 323-3953.

June 03, 2021

Raleigh & Durham