Garage Flooring in Orlando: Proper Prep For a Superior Finish

Garage Flooring in Orlando: Proper Prep For a Superior Finish

With our top quality garage flooring, Granite Garage Floors® Orlando can quickly transform your garage into a cleaner, more durable space. Your garage takes on a lot of wear and tear, so it makes sense to provide a stronger surface that will protect the concrete from serious damage and create a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

The key to our exceptional floor coating systems is preparation. By working hard to make sure everything is prepared properly, we're able to avoid all the common disadvantages of weaker quality floors. Most significantly, hot tire pick up. Our floors are built with the strength to never peel off hot tire residue.

We use an industrial diamond grinder to prepare the surface and create the perfect condition for our epoxy coating. We also utilize a powerful vacuum to collect 98% of the dust created during this stage. Preparing the underlying concrete is a critical step that allows us to form a firm bond with the epoxy. Using a diamond grinder allows us to get rid of oil stains and produce a clean and porous surface.

With our top of the line materials, proven expertise, and refined methods, we produce the most stable and beautiful garage flooring in the industry.

About Our Garage Flooring in Orlando

With one of our floor coating systems installed in your garage, you will be able to turn the space into a more valuable addition to your home. It will make for a pleasant entryway that is easy to keep clean. The benefits of choosing our garage flooring include:

  • A highly durable surface that Looks & Lasts Like Granite™
  • Wonderful design options to find the right look for your home
  • Protection from hot tire peel, cracks, and stains
  • Detailed service from experienced professionals
  • A quick two-day installation process
  • The comfort of our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty
  • And more!

Our Superior Quality Garage Flooring in the Orlando Area

By focusing on the preparation and making sure we correctly hit every detail of the process, we are able to create stronger and more beautiful garage flooring for Orlando area residents. Our services are available across the following areas:

  • Orlando
  • Windermere
  • Winter Garden
  • Gotha
  • Longwood
  • And surrounding areas

For more details about our superior garage flooring and detailed preparation process, call Granite Garage Floors Orlando today at (407) 494-9403.

June 03, 2021