Garage Floor Coating in Windermere: DIY or Hire the Pros?

Garage Floor Coating in Windermere: DIY or Hire the Pros?

Is your garage floor covered in paint and oil stains? Is it dingy and grimy? Are you ready for an upgrade? There is a simple way to transform the space to make it look fresh and beautiful. A new garage floor coating is the latest way homeowners from across Windermere, Orlando, and nearby areas in FL are upgrading their garages and turning them into hang-out spots, home gyms, and offices. You can, too, but you must take the right approach. Do you handle it on your own or hire a pro? Here's what to know.

What Goes Into Garage Floor Coating

Coating your garage floor sounds like a simple job. However, there are many steps involved in it. The bulk of the work involves prepping the floors. If it's not handled properly, it could impact the look and texture of the floors and even lead to peeling and chipping soon after you apply the coating.

So what goes into prep work? You'll start by removing all the items and sweeping out the garage, including in the corners where dust and debris tend to pile up. Next, you have to clean it, scrub oil stains, use a razor to remove any paint splatters, and power wash to get to the ground-in grease, dirt and other contaminants. You also have to grind it mechanically using a grinder, so the coating adheres properly. It's a lot to get right and why so many homeowners hire a pro instead.

Another reason? Mistakes. DIY home improvements are notorious for expensive, time-consuming mistakes, and coating your garage floor is no different. From using inferior products to improper techniques and more, missteps abound. If you make one, you can wind up with damage and issues, like hot tire pickup and a peeling floor.

Call Windermere's Garage Floor Coating Experts

Ready to hand off the job to the experts? Call Granite Garage Floors® Orlando and get a free quote. Our coating systems are the best around with a laser focus on the preparation process. We also use industrial-grade products that are superior thanks to their strength and durability. You'll simply get a garage floor that's easy to clean, looks more beautiful, and offers an extension of your home to enjoy.

Our team installs epoxy garage floor coating systems in:

  • Windermere
  • Orlando
  • Winter Garden
  • Gotha
  • Longwood
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

For more details on our garage floor coatings in the Windermere area - and the difference they can make - call Granite Garage Floors Orlando at (407) 494-9403 for a free consultation.

December 06, 2021