example of industrial epoxy flooring in Omaha

Why Should I Choose Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Omaha?

Are you looking for flooring for your industrial space? Epoxy offers one of the most versatile options. Whether you run a factory, auto facility, or distribution warehouse in the Omaha, NE area, industrial epoxy flooring delivers on lifespan, durability, and lower maintenance costs. Some other reasons to consider epoxy include:

  • It's high-performance. When you run an industrial space, you need floors that can withstand serious wear and tear. Epoxy flooring can handle chemical spills, abrasions, heat, impact, heavy equipment, like forklifts, and more. It also doesn't stain or crack like an uncoated concrete floor can.
  • It's long-lasting. Since epoxy is so strong, it offers a longer-lasting flooring option compared to alternatives. It's also a relatively low-maintenance choice and doesn't require any special treatments other than a mop or broom to look great.
  • It delivers on health and safety. Since epoxy is non-porous and seamless, it's more hygienic than other flooring options and even resistant to the spread of mold and bacteria, along with the build-up of dust. It's also skid-resistant, reducing accidents and making your employees less prone to slips, trips, or falls.
  • It's beautiful. While epoxy is an excellent choice for demanding industrial environments, it also comes in many colors and finishes that look bright and beautiful. You can choose from a wide range of options and get a floor coating system that lasts many years to come and even makes your space appear larger.

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There are many reasons to choose industrial epoxy flooring for your Omaha business. If you'd like to explore options and costs, turn to Granite Garage Floors® Nebraska. We can provide recommendations for your unique space by identifying durability needs, conducting moisture testing, and evaluating the substrate. This allows us to design the most appropriate solution for you. Not only will it be resistant to chemicals, heat, impact, and abrasions, but it is also guaranteed not to peel up from the heat or weight of vehicle tires.

At Granite Garage Floors Nebraska, we proudly serve many industrial customers throughout:

  • Omaha
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July 29, 2022