Garage Floor Coating in Brentwood: Common Misconceptions

Garage Floor Coating in Brentwood: Common Misconceptions

At Granite Garage Floors® Nashville, we install the highest quality epoxy garage floor coating in the Brentwood area. Our service helps local homeowners upgrade their old and damaged concrete surface into something truly strong and beautiful. To further emphasis how much of an upgrade our epoxy flooring provides, we'd like to clear up some common misconceptions.

The most important misconception is the idea that epoxy floors do not last. While it's true that DIY solutions that do not use professional materials should be considered temporary solutions, our service offers something much more durable. This myth comes from weaker quality floors installed by those without experience.

Our experts have been doing this for a long time, and we use the finest materials in the industry. In addition, we rely on an extensive preparation process that uses commercial grade diamond grinding equipment. Applying our superior quality epoxy coating to a properly prepared surface will lead to a floor that truly lasts. Which is why we back up our surfaces with a Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty.

Another misconception is that epoxy floors are too slippery. People notice the beautiful, clean photos of our floors and assume they are slick surfaces. However, our floors provide slip-resistance that creates friction as you walk, so there's nothing to worry about in that regard.

A third major misconception is that the garage is not meant to be a nice-looking place. People commonly associate the garage with oil stains, dust, and cluttered old junk, but it doesn't have to be that way! Most homeowners use the garage as the primary entrance to their home. For such a commonly utilized space, doesn't it make sense to turn it into something more pleasant and easy to maintain? Our epoxy flooring allows you to finally take full advantage of this part of your home.

About our Professional Garage Floor Coating in Brentwood

Our experienced crew will produce a strong, durable, and beautiful surface that Looks & Lasts Like Granite™. The benefits include:

  • Turns your garage into a more useful space
  • Beautiful design options to find the right look
  • 100% protection from hot tire peel
  • Crack and stain resistant for easy maintenance

Garage Floor Coating in Your Area

Through years of hard work and detailed practice, we have developed the most effective process for installing epoxy/polyaspartic floor coating. With our proven methods, elite preparation and top-quality materials, you can count on an exceptional floor that completely transforms your garage. Our service area includes:

  • Brentwood
  • Franklin
  • Nolensville
  • Murfreesboro
  • Nashville
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

For more info about our garage floor coating in the Brentwood area, call Granite Garage Floors Nashville today at (615) 278-4536.

August 31, 2021