Epoxy Flooring in Nolensville: Understanding Our Process

Epoxy Flooring in Nolensville: Understanding Our Process

At Granite Garage Floors® Nashville, our epoxy flooring creates beautiful, clean garages throughout the Nolensville, TN area. We rely on the proven methods of our expert team to produce superior quality surfaces that stand up to the busy activity of your garage and never pick up peel from your hot car tires. Our top of the line epoxy/polyaspartic floor coating systems will equip your garage with a tough, durable floor that's very easy to maintain.

About Our Epoxy Flooring Services in Nolensville

Our installation process begins with our walk-behind diamond grinder and HEPA-filtrated vacuum system. These tools allow us to create a porous surface that's ready for the base coat and primer, while clearing away the dust created in the process.

We utilize our own exclusive base coat and primer to control quality standards and make sure our floors are built right. During this stage, we apply the materials evenly and allow the epoxy to make its way into the pores of the concrete.

From there, we add the decorative flakes and secure them with a layer of protective clear coat. You'll have the chance to select your design preference before the process begins, choosing from Granite, Quartz, Stone, or Metallic designs. The flakes will give your garage a beautiful appearance and increase the durability of the floor coating system. The clear coat creates a chemically-resistant outer surface that allows for simple and easy maintenance.

The benefits of our expert epoxy flooring service include:

  • Unmatched durability
  • Low-effort maintenance
  • A clean, beautiful space
  • Stain and crack resistance
  • Zero hot tire pick up
  • Our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty
  • And more!

Durable Epoxy Flooring For Your Nolensville Home

The whole process only takes two days to complete. During this time, our friendly crew will keep you informed at every stage. When it's all over, you will have an amazing new surface that Looks and Lasts Like GraniteTM.

You'll be able to safely walk on the area within 24 hours and drive your car into your garage after just 72 hours. For routine maintenance, all you need to do is hit the area with a blower about once a week and you'll be able to enjoy a beautiful and clean entryway for your home.

We proudly offer our experienced services throughout:

To learn more about our expert epoxy flooring service across Nolensville, call Granite Garage Floors Nashville today at (615) 278-4536.

March 09, 2021