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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Aurora: FAQs

Are you exploring flooring options for your industrial space? Put epoxy on your list to consider. Many businesses in Aurora, Denver, and nearby areas in CO have already opted for industrial epoxy flooring and its many valuable benefits. Here's a look at a few of those benefits and why epoxy makes sense for industrial facilities.

How durable is epoxy?

Epoxy is built to last. It works by coating, protecting, and fortifying your floors, blocking them from stress, stains, spills, and more, making it one of the most durable solutions for industrial flooring available in the Aurora area. It's even resistant to heat, chips, cracking, staining, and peeling and stands up to impact and abrasions, along with high foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and corrosive chemical spills.

How does epoxy compare to concrete?

If you have concrete floors in your industrial facility, they can be prone to chipping and cracking. Not only that, but concrete is porous, which allows moisture to seep into the floor and damage the substrate. With epoxy, you don't have to worry about this. Epoxy is seamless, nonporous, and moisture-proof. Plus, it's more aesthetically pleasing than concrete.

Is epoxy slippery?

The surface of epoxy reflects light, making it look shiny and increasing visibility in your workplace. However, it's not slippery. You can even choose to add special aggregates to your system that boost skid resistance even more.

Is epoxy low maintenance?

You don't have to worry about buffing, scrubbing, or investing in expensive special treatments. All you need to do is mop or sweep your floors for them to look great. If there's an area where there's a spill, epoxy can withstand pressure washing if needed.

Have More Questions About Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Aurora?

If you have additional questions about epoxy flooring and its advantages, Granite Garage Floors® Denver is a call away. We're a leading installer of industrial epoxy flooring in the Aurora area. We offer a wide range of options, from solid color epoxy with and without slip-proof aggregates to novolac epoxies, partial or full broadcast systems, double broadcast quartz systems, and more. We'll design a custom system for you or follow your architect's specifications.

Thanks to our high-quality materials and industrial-grade systems, we're the choice for epoxy flooring in:

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October 12, 2022