Epoxy Flooring in Lakewood: Answering Your Questions

Epoxy Flooring in Lakewood: Answering Your Questions

At Granite Garage Floors® Denver, we supply exceptional quality epoxy flooring in Lakewood and surrounding areas. Our team of professional installers will transform your old and dusty concrete surface into something beautiful, clean and built to last.

We get many questions about the installation process, benefits and repeat service requirements of our floor coating systems, so we're happy to provide detailed answers.

When it comes to installation, we are proud to conduct an efficient and informative process. Our crew works hard to get the job done in just a day or two, answering your questions along the way. We encourage you to wait an additional day before walking on your new floor, and two days before parking your car there. After this short window of time, your garage will have a beautiful and strong surface that resists hot tire peel and avoids cracks and stains.

A huge advantage of our epoxy flooring systems is that they are built to never require replacement or re-coating. Our epoxy will bond with your concrete to form a strong and durable surface that Looks & Lasts Like GraniteTM. Additionally, we seal everything with a polyaspartic top coat, so you can forget about UV damage, chemical issues and abrasions.

Our floors produce a number of amazing benefits for local homes. Perhaps the most significant, is that our customers no longer have to worry about such a large and important area. After securing our service, you will have a strong, reliable and beautiful surface for your garage that stands up to all the activity of such a busy space. Along with that, this clean and visually appealing area makes for the perfect representation of your home.

Our Epoxy Flooring Service in Lakewood

The benefits of our professional epoxy flooring include:

  • A strong surface that stands up to heavy foot and vehicular traffic
  • Avoidance of hot tire peel, cracks and stains
  • Simple and easy maintenance for a constantly clean look
  • Your choice of several beautiful design options
  • The security of our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty
  • And more!

Top Quality Epoxy Flooring In Your Area

We are proud to do great work for our neighbors in the Lakewood area. Our crew works hard to produce the best quality epoxy/polyaspartic floor coating systems around, and we back up all of our service with an unbeatable Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty.

Our top quality work is available throughout:

  • Lakewood
  • Denver
  • Aurora
  • Littleton
  • Broomfield
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

To learn more about our epoxy flooring options for your Lakewood home, call Granite Garage Floors Denver today at (720) 420-1210.

May 12, 2021