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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Virginia Beach: FAQs

Whether you operate a warehouse, storage facility, or manufacturing plant, your workplace is a demanding environment. Your floors need to be able to handle high foot traffic, chemical spills, impact, heat, and more. That's where epoxy comes in. With industrial epoxy flooring, businesses like yours in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and nearby areas in VA can get a durable, long-lasting option that looks great and is simple to maintain. Here's what to know about it.

How is epoxy flooring different from other materials?

Epoxy flooring is extremely durable and resistant to many stressors commonly found in a heavy-duty environment. Whether it's forklift traffic, corrosive chemicals, or oil and grease, epoxy won't get damaged. It's even crack-, stain- and chip-resistant, as well as moisture-proof, so water and bacteria don't seep below and damage the substrate.

What's epoxy made from?

Epoxy forms when hardeners and polymer resins are mixed, then bond to each other and the floor. This coats the surface of the floor and creates a layer of powerful protection. It's so strong that it's even resistant to peeling and chipping from heavy vehicles and hot tire pickup.

Where can you install it?

Epoxy flooring can be installed in a wide range of industrial environments in the Virginia Beach area, from warehouses to distribution centers, commercial kitchens, airplane hangars, and auto repair shops. It's also an excellent choice for retail shops, business offices, healthcare settings, veterinary clinics, and auto showrooms. And because it comes in a range of colors and finishes to choose from, you can match it with your existing space and your company's brand.

How do you maintain industrial epoxy flooring?

Besides being highly durable, another significant benefit of epoxy is that it is a low-maintenance choice. There are no special treatments needed or regular buffing or scrubbing. Simply mop or sweep, and it will look great. Since it's nonporous and seamless, it's also more hygienic.

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October 12, 2022