Garage Floor Coating in Chesapeake: DIY or the Pros?

Garage Floor Coating in Chesapeake: DIY or the Pros?

With our top quality garage floor coating, Granite Garage Floors® Chesapeake is the best option for upgrading your garage into a more useful part of your home. Our superior epoxy flooring will produce a cleaner, more durable surface that protects you from costly concrete repairs and transforms the space into something much more inviting.

While it's clear that epoxy flooring is the right choice for your garage, many might try and install this flooring on their own. Homeowners who go this route often underestimate the tedious labor and chances for mistakes that are inherent with this DIY project.

Issues with DIY installed flooring often start early on. Before installation begins, the floor needs to be cleaned and properly prepared. This requires special equipment and detailed knowledge.

When it comes to applying the epoxy, this needs to be done with precision. The epoxy needs to be spread evenly, which is easier done with the right tools. With drying times and application of additional coats, the process is can become long and complicated. Hiring our experts is the best way to ensure that everything is done right.

About Our Garage Floor Coating in Chesapeake

Our expert service will save you from the hard labor of installing your own epoxy floor. Additionally, we have the experience, skills, and top quality materials to do a much more effective job. Our floors stand up to all types of stains, abrasions, and other forms of damage, while providing 100% protection from hot tire peel. We are proud to offer a more durable solution for your home. The benefits of our professional floor coating include:

  • Superior products and supplies
  • Expert installation from friendly professionals
  • Beautiful design flake options
  • Protection from hot tire pick up
  • A quick and efficient installation process
  • And more!

Our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty

When it comes to upgrading your garage with a brand new epoxy floor, you can either spend hours learning the complex details of DIY installation, or you can hire our expert service and enjoy a level of quality that would take years to replicate. We have been doing this for a long time, with a singular focus on installing the most durable and beautiful epoxy floor coating in the industry. No DIY attempts will be able to match the level of quality and reliability we can provide.

With that in mind, we include a Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty with every floor we install. This includes a complete guarantee against hot tire peel, the most common problem of DIY flooring.

We are proud to offer our guaranteed service throughout:

  • Chesapeake
  • Virginia Beach
  • Suffolk
  • Smithfield
  • Norfolk
  • Newport News
  • And the surrounding areas

To learn more about our professional garage floor coating, call Granite Garage Floors Chesapeake today at (757) 797-8008.

October 11, 2021