Your Trusted Experts For Epoxy Flooring in Chesapeake

Your Trusted Experts For Epoxy Flooring in Chesapeake

Does Your Garage Floor Need a Make Over?TM At Granite Garage Floors® Chesapeake, we offer concrete garage floor solutions that eliminate cracks, easy to clean, and are resistant to hot tire peel. Our epoxy flooring team in Chesapeake can turn your messy garage floor into a thing of durable beauty in just a day or two. Our reliable and sturdy industrial epoxy/polyaspartic application ensures a floor that Looks & Lasts Like GraniteTM.

After the on site estimate, our installation process includes first prepping your floor and then applying an industrial-quality epoxy. After that, we add the type and color of decorative flake you've chosen. After the required dry time, we return to remove any excess flakes and add the final layer of polyaspartic clear coat on top. Just one day after that, your beautiful floor will be ready for foot traffic. Seventy-two hours later, you can safely drive on it and return to normal usage.

This quick and professional process eliminates all the headaches of concrete flooring and leaves you with an aesthetically pleasing surface that takes little effort to keep clean. You'll be free from the cracks and dust so common to concrete floors. Best of all, our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty guarantees that hot tires will never peel up the surface.

About Our Epoxy Flooring Services

To ensure our incredibly high quality standards are always met, we use only the finest industrial materials and supplies. Plus, all of our installations are done by our experienced local team, so you can always expect effective and courteous service, including:

  • Efficient, 2-day installation of industrial epoxy/polyaspartic coated flooring to create a durable, stain-free surface that doesn't crack.
  • A beautiful garage floor surface that's easy to clean.
  • Finish options including: Granite, Terrazzo, Stone, Metallic, Quartz, and Clear Sealers.
  • A guarantee that our floors will never pick up peel from your hot car tires.
  • A team of local installers who are professional and experienced.
  • A constant commitment to quality.

Garage floors are our expertise, and our experience and commitment to quality makes us the best at what we do. We can also offer our industrial epoxy/polyaspartic flooring for other concrete areas around your home (excluding driveways) and various commercial spaces.

Epoxy Flooring in the Chesapeake Area

Since we're part of your community, you can expect friendly, neighborly service that's thorough and never cuts corners. Our team lives in the Chesapeake area as well, so it's important for us to feel satisfied with the work we do. Our region of service includes:

Call our epoxy flooring professionals in Chesapeake at (757) 797-8008 to get started. Schedule your on site estimate today!

February 19, 2020