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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in East Brainerd: FAQs

When you have an industrial space, the floors need to stand up to heat, chemicals, impact, abrasion, and other heavy-duty stressors. That's where epoxy comes in. Companies across East Brainerd, Chattanooga, and nearby areas in TN are increasingly turning to industrial epoxy flooring thanks to its many advantages. When you do the same, you can benefit from floors that are built to last. Here's what to know about this durable solution.

How is epoxy different from concrete?

With epoxy flooring, you'll have a protective coating over your concrete subfloors. This coating is resistant to water, damage from chemicals, scratches, pressure, heavy equipment like forklifts, and more. Yet, it's simple to keep clean and is even non-porous and seamless, providing a more hygienic surface that can also stand up to rigorous and routine cleaning. You can even have non-slip aggregates added, providing a safer surface for your employees.

Where do you install epoxy?

We can install industrial epoxy flooring nearly anywhere in the East Brainerd area, from manufacturing facilities, plants and factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and more. We also install them in food and beverage settings, retail locations, and medical and veterinary clinics.

Can you follow the specifications from my architect?

Yes, we can work with your architect and follow their specifications. If you're not working with an architect, we can also evaluate your substrate, perform moisture testing, and identify durability needs, then make recommendations for the best-suited solution.

What options do you offer for epoxy flooring?

Many, and we'll work with you to design the ideal coating system for your space. This includes anything from solid color and metallic coatings to novolac epoxy and urethane cement systems. We also offer flooring options that are LEED compliant, manufactured in the USA, and low-VOC.

We're East Brainerd's Choice for Industrial Epoxy Flooring

At Granite Garage Floors® Chattanooga, we're a premier provider of industrial epoxy flooring in East Brainerd, Cleveland, and other nearby areas. We only use high-quality, industrial-grade materials and meticulously prepare your floors before installation. This ensures maximum adhesion of our commercial epoxy coating to your floors. We're so confident in our work we even guarantee they will not peel from hot tires or heavy vehicles.

Our team of industry experts works wherever you do in:

  • East Brainerd
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  • Cleveland
  • Lookout Mountain
  • Dalton, GA
  • And throughout the surrounding area

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September 27, 2022