Garage Floor Coating in Chattanooga: Common Misconceptions

Garage Floor Coating in Chattanooga: Common Misconceptions

With superior quality garage floor coating, Granite Garage Floors® Chattanooga is here to transform your garage. We provide the most effective and efficient service to upgrade your old concrete floor and replace it with something strong, durable,

and beautiful. When it comes to epoxy flooring, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. We'd like to take the time to clear up a few of these.

First, a lot of people assume that epoxy floors are too slippery. The truth is, our expertly crafted floors are highly slip-resistant, no matter if you're barefoot or wearing shoes. Another big misconception is that these floors take a lot of work to install and maintain. However, thanks to our detailed process that we've perfected over the years, we have our installation down to just 2 days on most jobs. After that, it only takes another day before you can safely walk on the floor.

Additionally, our epoxy/polyaspartic floor coating systems are built to require very little maintenance. They do not pick up hot tire peel like weaker quality epoxy floors. Also, they are non-porous, which means that spilled fluids do not get below the surface the way they would on an untreated concrete floor. This allows you to simply wipe things away with very little effort.

The most important misconception we'd like to clear up, is the idea that epoxy floors do not last. This myth likely stems from lower quality or DIY flooring. With our floors, you get top quality from start to finish. We utilize commercial grade diamond grinding equipment to make sure your surface is prepared the right way. This helps us create a strong bond between the epoxy and the concrete slab below, forming a much more durable surface, backed up by our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty.

About our Professional Garage Floor Coating in Chattanooga

Our expert garage flooring team will equip your home with a tough, beautiful, and easy to clean surface that Looks & Lasts Like Granite™. The advantages of upgrading your garage with one of our epoxy/polyaspartic floor coating systems include:

  • A cleaner, easier to maintain garage
  • A space that can be used for a wide variety of purposes
  • Beautiful design options to choose from
  • Complete defense against hot tire peel
  • Crack-free and stain-resistant flooring that lasts

Garage Floor Coating in Your Area

We are proud to build the finest garage floor coating, backed by our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty. We offer our service to residents throughout:

  • Chattanooga
  • East Brainerd
  • Lookout Mountain
  • Cleveland
  • Dalton, GA
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

For more info about our garage floor coating, call Granite Garage Floors Chattanooga today at (423) 592-3131.

August 31, 2021