Epoxy Flooring in Weddington: Answering Your Questions

Epoxy Flooring in Weddington: Answering Your Questions

With our top quality epoxy flooring, Granite Garage Floors® Charlotte creates strong, durable surfaces with customized design options. Our floors are the best way to upgrade your dirty old garage floor and turn the space into something that truly represents your home. We get a lot of questions from new clients about our benefits, maintenance requirements and installation process, so we are eager to provide answers to Weddington area homeowners.

First, the installation process is very quick and efficient. Our team will have your beautiful new floor installed in just two days. We recommend an additional two days after that before parking your car in your garage, but then you can use the space like normal. During the installation, our friendly crew will keep you informed and answer any additional questions.

As far as recurring maintenance goes, we are proud of the durability we offer. Our floors do not need to be replaced or re-coated. We use top-of-the-line materials and a process which bonds the epoxy with your concrete. We then strengthen this surface with our polyaspartic topcoat, which defends against UV rays, chemical damage and abrasions. You will enjoy a beautiful and tough floor that requires very little effort to keep clean.

Our clients rave about the many benefits that our floors produce. Perhaps the most important benefit is the comfort of applying a long-lasting professional solution to such a well-used space. Many of us use our garage on a day-to-day basis, and/or as the main entry point to our home. That area sees a lot of traffic, and it's often the first thing you see when you arrive. We help homeowners turn the area into something with more beauty and character.

Our Epoxy Flooring Service in Weddington

The advantages of our professional epoxy flooring service include:

  • A floor with unmatched strength and durability
  • Trusted protection from common issues like hot tire pick up
  • A protective topcoat that defends against stains and abrasions
  • Your choice of many beautiful design finishes
  • Simple and convenient maintenance to keep it clean
  • And much more!

Top Quality Epoxy Flooring In Your Area

With our ability to create the strongest and most visually appealing epoxy flooring in the industry, we are proud to back up our work with an extensive Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty. You can trust us to transform your garage and create a cleaner, more welcoming environment for your home.

Our service area includes:

  • Weddington
  • Charlotte
  • Marvin
  • Davidson
  • Gastonia
  • Indian Trail
  • Mooresville
  • Matthews
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

To get started with our epoxy flooring service in Weddington, call Granite Garage Floors Charlotte today at (704) 448-6383.

May 13, 2021