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The Best Types of Garage Flooring in Baldwin

Ready for a refresh in your garage? One consideration is the kind of flooring to install, and there are many garage flooring possibilities available to homeowners in Baldwin, Baltimore, Ellicott City, and nearby areas in MD. To help you decide, here's a look at several of them and their pros and cons.

The Epoxy Advantage: Why It's an Ideal Choice for Garage Flooring

Originally designed for industrial spaces, epoxy is durable and long-lasting. It is also moisture-proof and stain-resistant and can stand up to chemical spills, impact and abrasions, salt, oil and grease, and the weight of heavy equipment. Even if you drop a tool on it, it won't crack, giving homeowners in the Baldwin area a heavy-duty flooring option that's ideal for a garage.

While epoxy stands strong, it's also beautiful. You can choose from options that look like natural stone, such as quartz and granite, as well as many colors. You can even have skid-resistant aggregates added for increased safety. Meanwhile, epoxy adds shine to dark garages, making them appear larger and enhancing visibility.

Other Garage Flooring Options in the Baldwin Area

When you want to freshen up your garage, there are other options to explore, including:

  • Painting. This is a fast and inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your floors. However, paint won't smooth out uneven surfaces with cracks and divots. It will also start to peel over time.
  • Sealing. Another option is to apply a concrete sealant to your garage floor. This will protect it from salt, moisture, and stains. If your garage floor is seriously damaged, though, it won't fix imperfections.
  • Roll-Out Vinyl or Stick-On Tile. You can apply roll-out vinyl or stick-on tile and simply cut the excess to fit your garage. This is ideal if you want to get even, smooth floors since it covers cracks, holes, and other flaws. Keep in mind, though, oil and grease will still stain the surface, meaning you have to live with it or replace it.

Get Garage Flooring That Looks Like Granite!

If you want heavy-duty garage floors, turn to the name known and trusted from Baldwin to Rockville. At Granite Garage Floors® Baltimore, we install industrial-grade materials that Look and Last Like Granite, giving you the best of both worlds: beauty and durability. We even stand behind our work with Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty, available in all our service areas, including:

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  • And other nearby areas

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February 24, 2023