Your Trusted Experts For Epoxy Flooring in Alpharetta

Your Trusted Experts For Epoxy Flooring in Alpharetta

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At Granite Garage Floors® Atlanta our epoxy flooring professionals create high quality, epoxy/polyaspartic coating systems for garage floors throughout the Alpharetta area.

So many homeowners use their garage as the true 'front door' of their home. With such a vital function, it makes sense to treat your garage floor with the care it deserves. Concrete floors are prone to cracking, easy staining, and getting dusty. With an epoxy floor solution, you get a beautiful, abrasion-free surface that doesn't crack and is very easy to maintain. However, if you go with a less experienced installer or take on the project yourself, hot tire peel becomes a real concern.

Our top-quality floors use superior materials and are installed by professionals who know how to get the job done right. We build our floors to withstand everything that goes on in your garage, which means our epoxy/polyaspartic coating is 100% guaranteed to avoid peeling from hot tires.

We apply our premium quality surface in an efficient process that takes just a couple of days. After your onsite estimate, we begin by preparing your concrete and adding the epoxy and decorative flakes. On the second day, we return and remove the extra flakes before applying the polyaspartic clear coat.

All of this is done by our team of local, experienced installers who have a proven history of customer satisfaction. We keep you informed and happily answer any questions you have throughout the process.

About Our Epoxy Flooring in Alpharetta

With unmatched experience and a relentless commitment to quality, our epoxy flooring specialists will turn your concrete floor into a beautiful, inviting surface that brightens up your home. We provide:

  • Superior epoxy/polyaspartic coating systems that use only the finest materials.
  • Guaranteed protection against hot tire peeling.
  • Stain-resistant, crack-free surfaces that look beautiful.
  • Choice of design flakes including Granite, Quartz, Stone, Terrazzo, and Clear Sealers.
  • Flooring solutions for other concrete spaces in your home (no driveways).
  • Guaranteed work is done by experienced professionals.

Epoxy Flooring in the Alpharetta Area from Granite Garage Floors Atlanta

With years of experience and a commitment to high-quality work, our epoxy flooring specialists will provide you with an amazing garage floor that enhances your home and takes tedious chores off of your shoulders. Our amazing floors are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to all types of damage. Best of all, our work is backed up by our Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty, so you can count on us for thorough and trustworthy service done right. We currently serve the following areas:

  • Atlanta
  • Alpharetta
  • Kennesaw
  • Cumming
  • Suwanee
  • And surrounding communities

Contact Granite Garage Floors Atlanta at (678) 500-9537 for your onsite estimate on our epoxy flooring in Alpharetta today.

April 22, 2020