Answering Your Questions

Answering Your Questions

At Granite Garage Floors, we understand that you have lots of questions about installing an epoxy coating system. While you can always feel free to call us directly or send us a message or email with your concerns, we thought we'd take the time to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our customers.

Question #1:How long does the entire installation process take and when can I get back to using my garage?

Most installations take a day or two to complete depending on the condition of the concrete, the size of the garage, and the finish that was chosen. Generally speaking, you can return the garage to service(replacing all it's contents) the following day along with your cars a few days later! At Granite Garage Floors, since 2010 we have taken a conservative approach toward manufacture recommendations on curing times/return to service and as a result, we have successfully installed thousands of garage floors. This is one of the many reasons we were the first company in our industry to provide a Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty, with a 100% Guarantee against Hot-Tire Pick Up.

Question #2: Will I need to refresh or re-do my epoxy coating system every few years?

Unlike the "Do-It-Yourself" kits sold at home centers or paint stores, a Granite Garage Floor should NEVER need to be replaced or re-coated. Our professionally installed, industrial coating process will restore the concrete substrate by repairing all the cracks and imperfections prior to us cleaning the surface through our diamond grinding process to an industry-standard CSP 2 or 3. This critical first step ensures that the preparation is done to Granite Garage Floors standards, which will allow our industrial coating system to slowly wick into the concrete and create a strong mechanical bond with the concrete substrate thus providing a solid foundation for the coating system to remain intact for decades or longer. All of our Granite Finishes, feature a full broadcast of decorative flakes that provide the look of a Granite or Quartz countertop, yet provide extreme durability. Lastly, we clear coat all of our Granite Floors with a UV-Stable High Solids Polyaspartic topcoat that provides the best-in-class performance, when it comes to protection from UV, Chemical, and Abrasion resistance. This means that your floor will be able to be cleaned easily from all that it encounters to include dirt, sand, oil, salt, and general road grime!

Question #3: What would previous Granite Garage Floors customers say are the biggest benefits in terms of problems that they previously had with their old garage floors that are now solved?

Peace-of-mind knowing that a large part of their home's total square footage (generally 10-15%) has been once and for all professionally treated and will not require on-going re-treatment every couple of years because of staining, peeling, and hot-tire pick up.

Many customers love that the garage is now an extension of the home and has an interior feel to that space. Yes, it does "Look and Last Like Granite". Because the garage is the primary entry point into the home(the new front door), many people are proud to have family and friends enter their home through the garage, not to mention the great feeling and pride that they have as homeowners drive their vehicles into their garage.

Many "clean freaks" state that their Granite Garage Floor is extremely easy to clean, keeping dirt and grime out of their house as they transition from outdoors to indoors. Providing texture and slip-resistance to a surface that is many times covered with dirt, oil, and water is also cited by customers as a benefit that they are enjoying with their new garage floor coating system.

However-one of the most common post-installation comments of Granite Garage Floor customers is how they underestimated how easy, noninvasive, and turn-key the entire installation process was and how transformative it makes their entire home feel at the completion of the job.

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