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  • Jun 05 / 2015
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FROM NEGLECT TO RESPECT—Your Garage Floor’s Plea for TLC

YOUR GARAGE IS CALLING….and it is tired of its appearance and how it has been neglected over the years! As a space that represents up to 20% of your home’s total size, the Garage is often overlooked a a home improvement candidate. Yet, the Garage is used and visited or used by homeowners nearly every day and often serves as the primary entry point for visitors entering the home. For this reason, many discriminating Homeowners are looking for solutions to “Upgrade their Garage”.

With home values continuing to appreciate, many homeowners are looking for other areas of their home to improve that will be a solid investment. One area of the home that continues to gain popularity is improving the garage space and more specifically – the garage flooring. Most people are only aware of the concrete paints, stains and epoxy kits that are typically available at local paint stores or home improvement centers. These products are typically water based products that cannot handle the abuse that a professionally installed system provides.

It is the belief of Alan Mishkoff, the Founder of Granite Garage Floors, that if today’s homeowners were aware of an alternative to the normal deteriorated concrete, oil-stained surface, or peeling gray paint – that they would jump on the opportunity to upgrade their garage floor surface. “If you think about it, there isn’t another surface inside or outside of the house that takes the abuse of a garage floor. From the constant weight of cars on the floor to hot tires and asphalt the garage floor takes a beating”, Mishkoff says. The days of allowing a garage floor to deteriorate and reflect poorly on the remainder of a home have now made way to industrial-quality, epoxy-based flooring systems that provide a durable, long-lasting, and cosmetically appealing coating alternative to the dreary garages of the past.

Choosing the appropriate means to install an industrial-quality, garage flooring system is crucial to the floor’s longevity, durability, and aesthetics. Mishkoff explains the unique aspect of a professionally installed approach. “We specifically focus on the preparation of the garage floor using an industrial diamond grinding process to remove all previous coatings and stains in order to get the floor porous and mechanically clean, which maximizes the adhesion of the coating system to the concrete. The floor preparation is paramount as we guarantee against hot-tire peeling, which is the number one failure that most people experience when attempting to have a coating applied to their garage floor. After extensive prep, our proprietary system utilizes commercial grade product and we then add decorative polymer flakes at varying rates to create the look of granite or quartz depending on the homeowner’s chosen finish.”

Once completed, the new flooring system installed in a Garage will provide the homeowner with an “interior feel” in an area that has traditionally been treated like an exterior space. The durability of an Epoxy Flooring System should last for decades while also protecting the concrete. Traditionally, one of the most neglected areas in many homes, the garage can now serve as a beautiful entrance that a home owner will promote when welcoming visitors while increasing the value and perception of the entire home. More info available or contact a location near you at granitegaragefloors.com


  • Aug 07 / 2014
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Preparation critical for durable epoxy coating

The preparation of a concrete garage floor is critical prior to applying an epoxy coating system to ensure that the epoxy will create a strong and durable bond that will not peel or lift from hot tires.

While there are a few different methods for preparing a concrete garage floor for any epoxy coating system, one of the most efficient and proven techniques is utilizing an industrial diamond grinder to prepare the surface.

This method removes oil stains, existing coatings, and allows the concrete to become clean and porous. Once the grinding is complete, the removal of all dust that is created is vital so the epoxy can wick down into the concrete and create a strong chemical bond.

Once the diamond grinding and vacuuming of the surface has been cleaned, it is important to repair all cracks and imperfections, such as concrete divots or spalling concrete, as to get the garage floor as uniform as possible prior to applying the coating.

At Granite Garage Floors, we prepare all floors using the method above and because our “Granite Finish” builds to 30 mils in thickness when installed, it will virtually eliminate all noticeable imperfections in the garage floor.

Once installed, our garage floors will Look and Last Like Granite and will be extremely durable, chemical resistant, and easy to clean. Most importantly, the epoxy system is guaranteed for life not to peel up from hot tires.

Step 1-C Patching

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  • Jun 25 / 2014
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Does Your Garage Floor Need a Makeover?

It’s time to face the facts. The garage is the main entryway into your home, so why not make your garage as beautiful as the rest of your home?

There are a variety of ways to make your garage more inviting, such as installing cabinets, creating a garage mudroom, off-the-shelf storage, etc. However, all those do not fix the ultimate issue that makes the everyday garage so uninviting: the ugly garage floor.

It’s likely your garage floor has become stained, has cracks and is peeling if previously painted. Paint or epoxy kits from your local home improvement or paint stores will only temporarily mask these imperfections and will most likely return within a matter of weeks or months putting you back right where you started.

The key to a long-lasting garage floor coating system is to partner with a company that focuses on preparation by using a diamond grinding process, industrial-strength epoxy products, along with a professional installation, which create a consistent finish.

What does that mean for you? It means your coated garage floor will be durable, chemical resistant, easy to clean and is guaranteed not to peel-up from hot tires!

Best of all, it creates the ideal and inviting entryway into your home that you have always wanted.

Contact us today if you’re interested in an epoxy garage floor that Looks and Lasts Like Granite!

  • Mar 27 / 2014
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Grinding vs Acid Etching

We have found that the most efficient way to prep a concrete floor for coating is by mechanical grinding. Our installers use a diamond encrusted floor grinder with a powerful dust collection system that removes a thin surface layer of the concrete. When complete your stained or painted concrete will be white, porous and ready to accept the epoxy coating. A typical 2 or 3 car garage can take up to 2-4 hours to grind. Some companies will acid wash your floor if it is free of oil and paint, however the acid washing process presents its own set of problems. The acid being used must be diluted correctly or it can damage the concrete. Additionally, the process can create dangerous fumes to, not to mention that it requires proper disposal of the acid water, which can easily damage your landscaping, to include your pavers, plants, grass, etc. The acid wash also leaves behind a wet concrete dust film that must be completely removed from the pores or it could prevent the epoxy from correctly bonding to the concrete floor. This can result in defects to the coating of your floor as the epoxy cures and eventually cause delamination. Additionally the floor would need to completely dry which could take several additional days delaying the start of the applying the epoxy and extending the time to return your garage to service.

  • Dec 03 / 2013
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DIY Epoxy or Garage Floor Paints

In our opinion these products are nothing but glorified water based porch and floor paints. They hold up fine until it comes to hot tires or anything that drips from your car like oil, antifreeze or gasoline. They usually come with directions that tell you to use a cleaner degreaser which is simply not enough preparation for the traffic of a garage floor. If you have a previously painted floor, all the paint must be removed to insure proper adhesion. The concrete must be ground down or etched to make it porous enough to be coated properly. There are a couple of choices that you have to achieve the proper porous state. One option is to utilize paint removers, which generates fumes as well a big mess, but the industry preferred method is to remove the existing coating mechanically by grinding or shot blasting. The mechanical methods, which is used by Granite Garage Floors, both remove the paint and grind the concrete. If you choose the paint remover route, you must still acid wash the concrete floor which comes with its own set of issues see (Grinding vs. Acid Etching). Remember, these epoxy coating products are only as good as the surface they are being applied to and, without a properly prepared surface, it will be very difficult to achieve the long-term durability and protection of a professionally installed garage floor coating system. In our opinion, the preparation is the most critical step of the entire process.

  • Dec 03 / 2013
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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

The general benefits of a Epoxy Coating System garage floor is that it provides an impermeable finish that makes cleaning extremely easy, adds value to your home and provides a showroom quality finish to one of the most overlooked floors in your home. There isn’t another floor in your home that takes more abuse than your garage floor, and our epoxy coating systems make it virtually indestructible! The durability of a professionally installed 100% Solid Epoxy Coating System is that it can resist all the elements that your garage floor is exposed to including chemicals, gasoline, antifreeze, oil, salt, humidity and the biggest destructor of other coatings, HOT TIRE pick up!

  • Dec 02 / 2013
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How To Clean Epoxy Flooring

Because Epoxy floors are non-porous they are easy to clean because all contaminants such as oil, gas, antifreeze, etc cannot penetrate the surface and will stay on the top of the floor.

The following are a few basics steps that we recommend for cleaning and caring for your epoxy coated garage floor:

1. Sweep floors or use a blower to remove any loose dirt etc. Use paper towels or rags to pick up large spills. You may wish to use a hose to rinse off the floor if you have a lot of dirt and debris prior to mopping.

2. Prepare a cleaning solution for mopping the floor. You can use any general household cleaner such as Fabuloso or Mr. Clean at a rate of ½ cup per gallon.

3. Once you apply the solution, use a mop with hot water to clean the floor and rinse frequently to rid your mop of the accumulated dirt and your floor of the soapy residual. We have also found that Steam Mop’s do an excellent job as well.

4. Keep in mind that epoxy floors are slippery when wet, so be careful while cleaning it and allow the floor to dry completely before pulling your cars back into the garage.