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  • Jul 14 / 2017
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Epoxy Coating Systems

The Epoxy Autopsy

Common Misconceptions of Residential Epoxy Coating Systems

“Garage Mirage”; noun; (ga-rahzh mi-rahzh)

Definition: An optical phenomenon, located in an area of the home usually designated for automobiles, but usually ignored as if it was not real. An area capable of beauty & pride for homeowners, but usually posesses a deteriorating concrete floor while being cluttered with meaningless junk that has not yet found its way to local donation centers.

Most likely, you visit your garage every day. Most likely, your neighbors, friends and family also visit your garage as they enter your home. The garage, for obvious reasons, unfortunately becomes neglected until it is such an abyss that it is too far gone to be saved. Additionally-the garage floor, where items designated for the garage sale you have been meaning to have for the last three years, is rapidly deteriorating each year. The following provides some common fallacies that may provide you motivation to address the most neglected area in most homes – the garage and more specifically, the flooring in the garage.

“It Doesn’t Last”: Until only a few years ago, most homeowners either hired a local painter to install a garage floor coating or went to the local DIY store and attempted to install flooring themselves. Improper preparation (muratic acid, pressure washers, or no prep at all) is the cause for this mistaken belief. Most homeowners see neighbors floors that they attempted to install themselves. There are inevitably four bare spots where the tires sit among other defects after only a few years. Professional epoxy installers, such as Granite Garage Floors, dedicate 70-80% of the time that they are in any garage on preparation which is paramount to a flooring system that will last 20+ years without “Hot Tire” voids. Without this knowledge and experience to properly prepare the concrete and address voids via patching with epoxy versus patching with additional concrete (the worst solution EVER!), any product other than a professionally-installed epoxy coating system is a temporary solution. However-there are indeed pros that use techniques and products that have been proven to last 20+ years with no peeling or cracking.

“Garages are not meant to be cosmetically appealing”: The look and feel of epoxy is one that brings the normally boring, dark, and drab garage area into an entirely new light. Epoxy will feel different to the foot and also provide the warmer & more welcoming feeling. Kids will gravitate to the garage to play and adults will frequent the rooms more often due to the clean, finished, and bright appearance. Designer colors are available to provide a plethora of choices to match a homeowner’s needs. Contrasting wall colors as seen below can even accent the floor’s impact on the overall beauty of a basement or garage setting to allow for a beautiful room to emerge out of what was previously an area of embarrasment to most homeowners.


“Epoxy is too slippery”: Especially in garages, traction is a higher priority for most people knowing there is moisture often present after rain & snow. The functionality of the polymer flake (that appears to look like Granite) used in epoxy coating systems is key. The texture created by the layering of these chips provides an orange-peel like surface that allows for sufficient friction from shoes, bare feet, and even tires to allow much more slip-resistance than bare concrete.


“It’s too expensive”: Whether you have a garage that is brand new, starting to deteriorate, or is has conditions as severe as the concrete cracking from rebar heaving, the traffic and stress that a garage sees on a daily basis is worse than any other area of the home, with exception of the home’s roof. The garage will deteriorate and if not protected, will need to be completely torn out which will ultimately cost $10-15/square foot and be unusable for up to 30 days or more. Tile & carpet are rare in garages, but also cost 2-3X what epoxy will cost to protect the floor or replace it entirely. Investing in a coating to protect one of the most abused areas of the home will result in “real” benefits to the longevity of the home. A professionally installed, epoxy coating system also translates into more “real” square footage in a home that is actual living space….and as you can guess – more livable space ultimately translates into better resale and home value.


“It takes too much work”: Getting rid of your excess is easy via donations and a purge is always liberating. Even if you have tangible garage contents that you do want to keep, there are easy turn-key methods to have your garage transformed in days. Temporary storage container can be placed steps from your garage and are available from various company’s at a nominal fee, which allows you up to 30 days to clean-out your garage and then replace contents being kept back into your garage space. The installation of a Granite Garage Floor takes one or two days and you can walk on the floor the following day making this a quick, inexpensive way to liberate a large area of your home from clutter. Investing in an area that can be up to 15% of a home’s total square footage, protects it from dirt and grime and tranransforms the primary entry point into the home is a wise upgrade for today’s discrminating homeowner.

Don’t procrastinate through another year allowing your home’s value to decrease based on the poor condition of your garage. The “Garage Mirage” that you have ignored for years can be a huge asset of substance if addressed properly that will stem the tides of deterioration. Acknowleding your garage’s poor condition will provide you a large, tangible area of your home that will instead appreciate over time & will feel make you proud to habitate….and that is no illusion.

For more information on epoxy coating systems, visit GraniteGarageFloors.com.

  • Jun 05 / 2017
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granite garage floor truck
GGF Tips from the Pros

Local Contractor Strives To Provide Value And Smiles To Homeowners

Alan Mishkoff always believed in his product and its value, but he underestimated how happy a new flooring system could make his clients. “It just makes me smile!” is what one Atlanta homeowner said when she saw her newly installed Granite Garage Floor for the first time. Now, this positive customer reaction is what Mishkoff aims to acheive with every industrial-quality flooring system his company installs through out the companies nationwide locations.

The company “Upgrades” concrete floors as a durable, easy-to-clean, and beautiful alternative to bare concrete, tile, or carpeting. Mishkoff started his career in the home improvement industry with DeWALT Industrial Tools where he learned the concrete trade along with key business principles. “We do one thing and we do it well”, Mishkoff says. “Being the expert in one specific category allows for a better overall customer experience and end result”.

As home values continue to increase, one of the most effective ways to add additional value is protecting bare or deteriorated concrete inside the home or garage while simultaneously adding aesthtic improvements. “Our process is proven, will provide a gorgeous finish, and allows for a worry-free solution opposed to DIY flooring options or allowing your concrete to gradually deteriorate”, Mishkoff says. Road grime, salt, oil, and dirt cause damage to unprotected concrete each year. Our systems can be installed year round, Mishkoff explains. “Our proffessinally trained crews install our systems to the highest standards and allows for homeowners to reclaim and appreciate these spaces to show off their new investment.”

With an end to stains and peeling, and a flooring system that “Looks and Lasts Like Granite,” satisfied homeowners will appreciate their floors – and have good reason to smile – for years to come.

Current locations include Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Fort Lauderdale, Raleigh-Durham and Richmond. The company continues to expand its network through its unique franchise concept with more locations planned in 2017!

  • May 05 / 2017
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GGF Tips from the Pros

Granite Garage Floors- Professionally Installed Epoxy Coating Systems

It takes more abuse than any other area of your house except for the roof, and it gets little TLC. Yet, it’s the first thing you see when you arrive home. It’s your garage, most notably, your garage floor. Chemicals, salt, sludge and automotive goop take their toll on the concrete, and over time, damage mounts. To protect their investment, thousands of homeowners through the country have turned to the professionals at Granite Garage Floors for help.

“The system we offer at Granite Garage Floors helps homeowners protect and beautify their garages with a product that’s easy to clean, easy to maintain and looks fantastic,” says the company founder Alan Mishkoff. “We provide solutions for areas people may not have solutions for, such as garages, basements, screened in porches and more. The challenge we have is that people look at this as a cosmetic enhancement, but the unseen benefit is the protection the product provides for concrete. It seals and protects it, allowing the home to survive longer.”

Granite Garage Floors employs a propriety epoxy coating system that Looks and Lasts Like Granite and our team of professionals focus on preparation and the use of industrial grade products. Both are critical to a long-lasting system that’s durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Customers can choose from hundreds of designer color finishes that look like granite, quartz, terrazzo or marble. Granite Garage Floors stands behind its professionally installed system with a lifetime satisfaction warranty.

“Our coating system goes on the top of existing substrates and protects it while providing texture and aesthetic value. There’s also a safety factor; it’s not slick like regular concrete,” noted Mishkoff. “It’s cosmetic with the added benefit of protection that prevents the concrete from deteriorating.”

“Sixty to seventy percent of our time is spent on prepping your concrete floors to ensure the application process goes smoothly. We diamond grind the entire floor, which etches the surface so the epoxy adheres to it. We don’t use harmful chemicals,” outlined Mishkoff. “Then we identify the imperfections, addressing any cracks or deterioration with an epoxy patch prior to coating. The most important part of this process is diamond grinding the concrete back to a porous state so the epoxy can wick in and bond with the concrete. This ensures a long lasting protective coating.”

The process begins with grinding, patching and applying an industrial primer and base coat of epoxy followed by polymer flakes that protects and provides the decorative look in the Granite Garage Floors system. It’s left to set up overnight, but the exothermic reaction starts about an hour after crews leave. The next morning the residual flakes that didn’t adhere to the epoxy are scrapped off and then high-powered vacuums remove any residue. The final step is the application of a polyaspartic urethane topcoat, which is a technical install because of how quickly the product dries after it is activated and is best left only to professionals. You can typically walk on your new Granite Garage Floor a few hours after the crew is finished and move all your contents back into the garage the following day with full return to service with vehicles after seven days. This gradual process allows the product to seep in and bond with the substrate, delivering a tough, durable floor.

“It’s very difficult to damage the surface of a Granite Garage Floor. In fact, it has a lifetime satisfaction warranty,” commented Mishkoff. “We’re able to do that because we put so much energy and effort into prepping the surface to allow for an extremely durable coating.”

Not only is it durable and beautiful, it’s cost effective. Depending on the project, Granite Garage Floors start at about five to six dollars a square foot which equates to roughly $1200-$1500 per vehicle that fits in the garage. Mishkoff estimates it’s about half the price of carpeting, a third of tile and a fraction of the cost to replace your entire garage floor should it deteriorate.

With all of the benefits, doesn’t it make sense to have a Granite Garage Floor protecting the concrete in your garage or basement? You’ll get a great product, backed by a lifetime satisfaction warranty, and installed by a well-respected national franchise company. “We want to be as easy to work with as possible, and we stand by our product and our process. We try to be old fashioned in doing the right things from a business standpoint. At Granite Garage Floors, we want to bring a beautiful look to your concrete floors and protect them as well. For us, it’s about making an exterior area of your home look and feel like an interior area.”

Visit the website at GraniteGarageFloors.com and inquire at one of our locations in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Fort Lauderdale, Raleigh-Durham and Richmond.

  • Feb 01 / 2017
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GGF Tips from the Pros

Epoxy: The Hidden Gem of Basement Flooring Options

It seems like every spring, the heavy rains cause havok in various parts of the country. The rain can cause flash floods and if your property has a high moisture table it may cause leaks into basement, which usually ruins or damages the existing carpeting, tile, or laminate. The cycle repeats itself for most homeowners as they replace the wet carpet with more carpet and never find a permanent solution for foundations leaking onto their basement flooring.

Most homeowners do not realize that there is a cost-effective, permanent, and cosmetically beautiful solution that will provide years of durable use without the bother of maintainance every time a big rain occurs. Additionally-there are people that avoid their basement due to it’s dingy & drab appearance regardless of having wetness. This solution to both scenarios is a professionally installed Epoxy Flooring System.

Granite Garage Floors can install the same, durable epoxy flooring systems in basements as we do all-year long in Garages. We “Upgrade” concrete floors so they are durable, easy-to-clean, and a beautiful alternative to bare concrete, tile, or carpeting.

The solution that Granite Garage Floors provides for homeowner’s basements is one that allows you to do almost anything to the surface with minimal damage. Outside of battery acid, there is really nothing that can damage one of our basement epoxy flooring systems. Throughout the rigors of normal life events, a basement will see a lot of abuse from foundation water leaks to wine/beer spills from parties to kids art projects (paint) to even pet urine. Epoxy is a durable alternative to bare concrete, carpet, or even tile that will become stained and damaged by these more rigorous elements.

Another key attribute of epoxy is the low cost as an alternative to tile or carpet as the square footage cost is generally 30-40% less than carpet and 50-70% less than tile. Rounding out the benefits of epoxy are the cosmetic options available. Many people envision epoxy as only a garage application, but the addition of an inexpensive throw rug transforms a basement into a cozy location where kids can play and lounge as they would on carpet. Metallic epoxy has also become increasingly popular throughout the past few years for Granite Garage Floors. The unique appearance of our Metallic system provides a gorgeous, translucent appearance that looks different from every angle of the floor.

Not often top of mind when homeowners are considering options to enhance their basement’s appearance or limit damage from wear-and-tear, Epoxy Flooring Systems are becoming more and more popular with discerning homeowners. Once only a solution for more industrial applications, Epoxy is now a hidden gem becoming more and more popular for homeowners to limit the perpetual maintenance of other materials and increase the long-term value of their homes.

  • Jan 17 / 2017
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GGF Tips from the Pros

Does Your Garage Floor Need a Makeover?

YOUR GARAGE IS CALLING….and it is tired of its dingy appearance and how it has been neglected over the years! As a space that represents up to 20% of your home’s total size, the garage is often overlooked as a home improvement candidate. Yet, the garage is used by homeowners nearly every day and often serves as the primary entry point for visitors entering the home. For this reason, many discriminating homeowners are looking for solutions to “Upgrade their Garage”.

With home values continuing to appreciate, many homeowners are looking for other areas of their home to improve that will be a solid investment. One area of the home that continues to gain popularity is improving the garage space and more specifically – the garage flooring. Most people are only aware of the concrete paints, stains and water-based epoxy kits that are typically available at local paint stores or home improvement centers. These products are typically water based products that cannot handle the abuse that a professionally installed, industrial Epoxy Coating System will provide.

At Granite Garage Floors, we believe that if today’s homeowners were aware of an alternative to the normal deteriorated concrete, oil-stained surface, or peeling paint – that they would jump on the opportunity to upgrade their garage floor surface. “If you think about it, there isn’t another surface inside or outside of the house that takes the abuse of a garage floor. From the constant weight of cars and hot tires, to road dirt, grime, snow and road salt, the garage floor takes a beating”, says Alan Mishkoff, the Founder of Granite Garage Floors.

The rigors of winter are especially damaging to unprotected concrete. Winter sand and salt damage over a short period will deteriorate unprotected garage floors and reflect poorly on the remainder of a home. Granite Garage Floors epoxy coating system can be installed all winter long with the same impeccable quality of the warmer months. Homeowners typically think that cold weather will hinder a quality installation, but quite the opposite is true. A quality Granite Garage Floor installation is only limited by concrete temperatures below freezing and it takes sustained, frigid weather to reach that level. Cooler ambient temperatures allow our professional installers more working time so winter months are some of the best times of the year to have a Granite Garage Floor installed.

Choosing the appropriate means to install an industrial-quality, garage flooring system is crucial to the floor’s longevity, durability, and aesthetics. Do-It-Yourself epoxy kits of the past have now made way to industrial-quality, epoxy-based flooring systems that provide a durable, long-lasting, and cosmetically appealing coating alternative to the peeling and deterioration of the past. The unique aspect of Granite Garage Floors professionally installed approach is that we specifically focus on the preparation of the garage floor using an industrial diamond grinding process to remove all previous coatings and stains to achieve a porous and mechanically clean floor which maximizes the adhesion & wicking of the coating system to the concrete. Floor preparation is paramount as we guarantee against peeling, which is the number one failure that most people experience when attempting to have a coating applied to their garage floor. After extensive prep, our proprietary system utilizes commercial grade coatings and we then add decorative polymer flakes and a Polyaspartic, protective top coat to provide a product that Looks and Lasts Like Granite”.

Once completed, the new flooring system installed in a Garage will provide the homeowner with an “interior feel” in an area that has traditionally been treated like an exterior space. The durability of a Granite Garage Floor should last a customer decades, while also protecting the concrete. Once one of the most neglected areas in many homes, the garage can now serve as a beautiful entrance that a home owner will promote when welcoming visitors while increasing the value and perception of the entire home.

  • Dec 08 / 2016
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Garage Flooring

Garage Flooring Can Increase Your Homes Value More Than Any Other Flooring

If you are planning to sell your home now or in the future, choosing effective options to increase the value of a home without costing a fortune is always an important factor.

There are some things that you can do immediately after buying a home, or at any time in your home ownership, to help to boost the home’s value. However, just like improvements before a sale, you want to make sure you get a good rate of return on your investment. It simply doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a home improvement if it isn’t money you can expect to recoup in the sale.

Adding professionally applied epoxy garage flooring is a good example of a top home improvement that is cost effective. It will add to the beauty of your garage, but also to the value of your home.

At Granite Garage Floors, we specialize in applying a commercial quality epoxy garage floor finish to concrete that looks just like granite, quartz or terrazzo. These are beautiful and functional flooring options that last a lifetime and add to the aesthetics of your garage which is often the primary entry point into the home.

Protect Your Garage Floor

Our garage flooring is professionally applied using industrial products and prevents water or salt damage and also repels stains. By having this flooring in your garage; oil, grease or any other type of engine fluids or liquids you are using can be easily wiped up. Heavier stains can be removed with some warm water, a cloth or soft brush and pH neutral floor cleaner.

Reduce Signs of Wear

When people use paint or do-it-yourself epoxy coatings for a garage floor, the results often look nice initially. However, gas, oil and other leaks from the car or spills at the workbench start to leave a lot of signs of use.

Additionally, hot tires will cause paint and other surfaces to lift. This occurs because they don’t bond to the surface like our garage flooring does which is the result of our preparation and commercial grade product.

Easier to Clean and Keeps Concrete Dust at Bay

Once the surface of the concrete is sealed, it is no longer going to absorb water which makes it easier to clean and prevent concrete dust from entering the home. Without a sealed floor, the concrete can leave a musty, moldy smell in the air which may cause problems in the future.

By using the epoxy floor coating systems that we offer, these issues can be eliminated. You will also have a beautiful looking garage floor, all factors that will help make your house more appealing to buyers.

  • Jul 21 / 2016
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GGF Tips from the Pros

Our Epoxy Coating System Is Perfect for Your New Garage Floor Finish


Is it time for a new garage floor finish? Let us show you why an epoxy coating system by Granite Garage Floors is the perfect option. Did you realize that epoxy coated garage floors not only look great, but they are extremely durable, chemically resistant, and easy to clean? When professionally installed by GGF, they are guaranteed not to peel up from hot tires. These factors and many more make epoxy floor coatings a popular and smart choice when it comes to finishing your garage floor.

You might be asking yourself the difference is between garage floor paint and epoxy. While regular paint for garage floors is typically made of latex acrylic in a single component, an epoxy paint floor is a two component system that consists of a thermosetting resin and hardener that is mixed together and applied as a coating. The epoxy coating is much thicker than paint and when it cures over a course of a few days, it takes on its strength, durability, and chemical resistant properties.

Epoxy coated floors not only look fantastic; they also function to the highest of standards. For this reason, epoxy floor coatings are said to be one of toughest and most durable finishes for concrete on the market today. You might think that epoxy coatings are just for commercial applications, but that is not the case. In fact, the durable and strong floor covering is quickly becoming popular for residential garages, patios, and basements.

One of the many reasons they are becoming so popular is that they can do wonders in upgrading old peeling painted or stained garage floors, or when applied to a brand new garage floor to provide protection and beauty as part of the home’s finishing touches.

There are many different types of epoxy coating systems that can be applied depending on your needs and the look you’re trying to achieve. From a variety of solid colors to metallics, or the most popular designer flake blends, there is something for everyone. For true customization, you can create or blend a finish to your own specific vision.

Hopefully, this has given you a new insight into the many benefits and types of epoxy garage floor coatings available. At Granite Garage Floors, we stand behind our epoxy systems with a lifetime warranty that guarantees against hot tire pick-up. Contact us to learn more and for a free in-home consultation.

  • Sep 28 / 2015
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GGF Tips from the Pros

Cleaning & Maintenance for Epoxy Coating Systems

One of the many benefits of a professionally installed industrial quality epoxy coating system is its ability to be easily cleaned. You have already made the decision in upgrading your garage floor, but the biggest ongoing question is how do I clean and maintain my garage floor as to protect my investment?

The key toward protecting your investment and ensuring that your floor looks great over the years is to keep it clean just like any other flooring surface in your home. Removing dirt and debris with a blower, wiping up spills, and occasionally mopping with hot water and pH-neutral cleanser will go a long way toward protecting the finish over the long-term.

Routine Maintenance

Monthly maintenance should include keeping the floor clean by using an electric blower or sweeping with a soft bristle broom to remove any loose debris or organic material.

Spot Cleaning

Minor spills should be wiped up using a cloth towel with some pH-neutral* cleanser. This method should easily handle various chemical spills such as gas, oil, and everyday “life happens” spills. Some stains that appear could require using a soft brush with some elbow grease. Do not use abrasive cleaning chemicals on the coating.

More aggressive cleaning maybe be required as a result of harsh chemical residue left from more toxic substances left on the floor for extended periods of time and may require using a solvent based cleanser such as Denatured Alcohol, Xylene, or Acetone. When using solvent based cleansers, always test on an inconspicuous spot of your floor first and use very sparingly as it may dull the finish depending on the type of epoxy used installing your garage floor.

General Cleaning

It is recommended that after every season you should conduct a general thorough cleaning of your professionally installed epoxy coated garage floor.

Step 1

Remove the contents on the garage floor. Then using an electric blower or broom, sweep out all dirt and organic material that your tires bring into the garage.

Step 2

Take a hose with a pressure nozzle and completely wet the floor. Use a floor squeegee to move the dirty water off of the garage floor and on to the driveway.

Step 3

Fill a bucket up with water (hot if possible) and mop the floor with water rinsing frequently to remove as much dirt as possible.

Step 4

Fill up another clean bucket of water (hot if possible), add two or three capfuls of a pH Neutral* cleanser, and thoroughly mop the floor two times rinsing frequently. A stiff bristle broom or brush with handle might be necessary for stubborn dirt stains.

*There are many pH-Neutral cleaners on the market that are readily available by looking at the contents on the label. Do not use cleaners that contain acids or that are soap-based. These may leave a residue on that diminishes the floor’s luster while making the floor increasingly slippery if wet.

Step 5

Let garage floor dry and return contents and repeat at the end of the each season.

By following these general cleaning and maintenance tips it should help you to protect your investment and keeping your epoxy coating system looking like new for many years!

At Granite Garage Floors we professionally install an epoxy coating system that Looks and Lasts Like Granite. Our floors are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee ensuring your floor will not to peel up from hot tires. We provide our customers a lifetime supply of our GGF pH-Neutral Cleanser.

For more information we can be reached at granitegaragefloors.com